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  1. Great guest, cannot wait to meet Geoffrey, he is a fantastic master
  2. rangerman

    Happy to see this

    Same here, cannot wait, love going to this in Bournemouth, such a great day out. Thanks Showmasters. Roll on March 2019
  3. I do hope another Bournemouth Comic Con is announced soon, Come on Showmasters, don't let us down.
  4. Totall agree with your comment Ed1978, John was lovely to speak to and I liked that he took interest in talking to you when you approached him, he was a pleasure to speak to and I am glad I got to meet him. Thanks to Showmasters for inviting this talented and wonderful actor to Bournemouth.
  5. rangerman

    A Fantastic Saturday

    Well what can I say, Sunday, another fantastic day, thank you Showmasters for putting yet another great comic con in Bournemouth. Loved meeting the guests who were very welcoming. The staff were helpful. The weather was lovely and overall the weekend has been a delight. I do hope we see a Comic Con in Bournemouth next year as this year has been fantastic. Thanks
  6. I do hope there is a Comic Con at Bournemouth next year, This year was fantastic, I cannot thank Showmasters enough, going in was managed well, a great set of stalls with helpful staff. Enjoyed meeting the guests who were very welcoming. The Cosplay was amazing and the weather was perfect. I do hope Bournemouth has a comic con next year as it is certainly the highlight of the year for me.
  7. Just a quick post to say thank you Showmasters for another fantastic fist day, getting into the event worked perfect and the staff were very helpful. A great set of stalls inside with plenty to look at. Thanks and look forward to returning tomorrow. I do hope we see another cc in Bournemouth next year.
  8. Same here, was looking forward to meeting her, now there is no Game Of Thrones guests, Charlotte has been listed for months, The show of the moment and not one Game Of Thrones Guest?
  9. rangerman

    Question regarding guests

    At this point in time there is some good guests with a length of work on there CV you can talk to them about and will want to pay to get an autograph, I do however wonder are people going to pay to get an autograph from a guest who has only appeared in one, maybe two things and was only an extra. Surly there is better guests out there than some which are being announced, there must be hundreds of retired actors/ actresses with a length of TV or film work behind them who would love to appear at these. Bournemouth Comic Con was wonderful last year and I think Showmasters did a great job between both events. I just hope this year isn't a flop and yes I am thinking of those lower profile guests.
  10. A big thanks to everyone at showmasters for putting on such a fantastic comic con at Bournemouth, both days were highly enjoyable with some great guests who were very welcoming to speak to. The many booths including autograph stalls were fantastic and the staff were very helpful. I do hope the people at showmasters will put on another show at Bournemouth next year, Hopefully another date is announced soon. Once again a huge thanks and also to the people who attended the event and the many cool costumes. Certainly my highlight for 2016.
  11. rangerman

    Vernon Wells

    Vernon was amazing to meet, the talk he did was very interesting and he added humor to that. I think he was the best guest on the Sunday and enjoyed meeting him. Hope you have a good time at Newcastle.
  12. rangerman

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to see any Power Ranger cast members at the con in September, especially a past ranger.
  13. Many thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  14. A quick question, when wanting to get an autograph on the day do you pay a person whilst meeting the celebrity or is there a desk you go to which gives you a pass to meet the celebrity. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
  15. Has this event been advertised on the official Power Rangers Facebook Page? I do hope the Power Con is a huge success and a huge thanks goes out to the organisers for this event.