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  1. Same here, cannot wait, love going to this in Bournemouth, such a great day out. Thanks Showmasters. Roll on March 2019
  2. I think it would be a shame if Bournemouth doesn't get another cc next year, its a great one year event and what else for cc fans are Bournemouth residents going to get. Its held in a prime spot by the beach front which get. I really would love to see the cc return to Bournemouth next year, we will just have to wait till later when next years dates are revealed.
  3. What a dissapointment . Absolutely ridiculous. Is his spot going to be replaced. Truly gutted.
  4. Hi, Just want to confirm am I right in saying if you have the standard weekend ticket the doors open for that Saturday 11:00 and Sunday 10:00. Can someone please confirm this for me as I am confused. Thanks
  5. Is Bournemouth likely to get any more guests, I mean Anthony Head is certainly exciting but other than that it all seems the guest list so far is pretty dull. One cancellation, Bournemouth is such a great location for a cc, last year there was great weather and hopefully that helped to pull more people in but in order to get people to go we need more guests, at least ones that will get people interested, some of the Star Wars ones you cannot find any info on what they have done at all. With just over a week to go to the event come on Showmasters don't let us down. I have always been a great supporter of the Bournemouth Cons and have always left with a real buzz and been excited for the next Bournemouth Con, but I do hope the bubble hasn't burst this time. My last ditch attempt at a guest suggestion would be at least another two or three bigger names, like last year we had John Rhys Davies. Come on Showmasters.
  6. Agree with Dalek123 Terrence Hardiman would be a great guest with a great career in television, would be nice to meet him in person and yes with the release of Demon Headmaster, what a perfect opportunity this would be. Come On Showmasters, you want the guest suggestions from us, get talking to Terrence Agent.
  7. Great guest, love speaking to Colin, cannot wait to see him again.
  8. Spencer Banks and Cheryl Burfield from Timeslip, the 70's sci fi would be great and fit with the comic con theme perfect. Would also love to meet Chloe Annett, and other older Doctor Who companions / guest appearances.
  9. I do hope another Bournemouth Comic Con is announced soon, Come on Showmasters, don't let us down.
  10. Totall agree with your comment Ed1978, John was lovely to speak to and I liked that he took interest in talking to you when you approached him, he was a pleasure to speak to and I am glad I got to meet him. Thanks to Showmasters for inviting this talented and wonderful actor to Bournemouth.
  11. Well what can I say, Sunday, another fantastic day, thank you Showmasters for putting yet another great comic con in Bournemouth. Loved meeting the guests who were very welcoming. The staff were helpful. The weather was lovely and overall the weekend has been a delight. I do hope we see a Comic Con in Bournemouth next year as this year has been fantastic. Thanks
  12. I do hope there is a Comic Con at Bournemouth next year, This year was fantastic, I cannot thank Showmasters enough, going in was managed well, a great set of stalls with helpful staff. Enjoyed meeting the guests who were very welcoming. The Cosplay was amazing and the weather was perfect. I do hope Bournemouth has a comic con next year as it is certainly the highlight of the year for me.
  13. Just a quick post to say thank you Showmasters for another fantastic fist day, getting into the event worked perfect and the staff were very helpful. A great set of stalls inside with plenty to look at. Thanks and look forward to returning tomorrow. I do hope we see another cc in Bournemouth next year.
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