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  1. hi just FYI for whoever maintains the website, i was looking at the guests page and clicked the link for the forum but instead of bringing me here it took me to the Chevron 6 section of the forum.
  2. wow we're actually being split into groups this year! last few years gold and silver weren't grouped as far as i recall - looks like tickets have sold well thid year. i have a couple of questions though; 1. Is this a finalised schedule and therefore no chance of a replacement guest for Amy? Dont get me wrong, the line up is great - i am just greedy lol 2. is the game show in addition to or in place of the pub quiz sunday evening? and if it is instead of the pub quiz, is there a new theme for sunday nights party? for those asking questions about being split into groups; to explain it as simply as i can - you can always go later than your group is called (as long as you dont miss the final call for all groups for each photo/signing on Sunday lol) but you cant jump forward and go earlier at any point. Because there are bound to be people asking - if you are only planning to attend on one day speak to the stewards - they are all very good imo and will help if they can. If you want photoshoots and autographs with each guest but times are clashing a bit due to one or the other running late (its a con, its enevitable, dont bitca about it, just get on with it) it's generally best to give priority to the photoshoots as signings have a little more flexibility it seems, but generally go for whichever you want more just in case. If you are really stuck then again speak to a steward and they will help. Bottom line for all the newbies; if you are uncertain about anything ask the other attendees (warning may lead to new friendships... its ok, dont be scared, we're just like you.... no really, we are!) and ask the stewards - they're the folks in the dashing red tshirts lol - cos those dudes and dudettes are great..
  3. omg would be awesome to have it back!
  4. hells to the yeah! would love screenings again this year!
  5. would love love love for enver, fran, joss and/or J to be announced
  6. it'll be fine, i stayed at hilton couple of years ago and was booked by someone else who didnt attend and there was no problem with it at all.
  7. To work with Joss (even if it is just as a tea lady) What was the last dream you had about?
  8. i was gonna ask them same. Can you also confirm for autographs please.
  9. McDonalds - i love the wraps. Worst chat up line you have either used or been used on you?
  10. I haven't met any of them and am seriously geeking out at the thought lol
  11. without a doubt it has to be Falkor from Never Ending Story A tv show is being made based on your life - what would the theme song be?
  12. Fab news! I had been all set to meet her at another event but she cancelled on the day so i am doubly happy to have a second chance to meet her!
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