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  1. I discussed the matter with Sophie and she thought it was strange that there wasn't a joint option as well... i guess since the glasgow event is seen as a much more low key event compared the london show i think there was less effort put in to organising the photoshoots. on the plus side the staff were a hell of a lot more informed and knowledgeable than the london gig, far more helpful so a big thumbs up for them!
  2. I'd imagine (putting myself in the organiser's shoes) that there's only so many photoshoots they can have going on at any one time so if you start trying to factor in all of the joint/group photoshoots on top of that it would be murder. I personally would like to be able to have one with Syl, Sophie and Bonnie. Others may want Syl and Bonnie, some want Bonnie and Sophie. Then you start trying to roll that out over the other programmes/films covered.... i do see your point of view but if you take a look at the photoshoot rota for sunday you will see Sophie is doing a shoot directly before Sylvester with only a 5 minute break between them so a join shoot with those two actors was feasible.
  3. ok, so i'm wondering why there is no joint photoshoot with Sylvester and Sophie.... i take it these two actors don't get on in real life?
  4. she was fabulous at LFCC and being a local lass attending glasgow's show shouldn't be to much of an issue
  5. some Blake's 7 cast would be nice otherwise there are about 3 i'm interested in, so it is looking a bit thin on the ground as other people have commented on.
  6. yeah i agree, there seems to be alot of "missed opportunities" when it comes to photoshoots... with so many of the original star wars cast at the LFCC they never offered a group photo session there either. this post will disappear in 5...4...3...2...1
  7. just wondering if there is a photoshoot schedule ready yet and will the guests be on time for it? the reason i ask is that i was at the LFCC and there quite a few changes, scheduled or otherwise.
  8. scotland has 5 different types of bank notes? please name them as i have only been living in scotland for 40 years...clydesdale bank, RoBS and BoS come to mind but i'd love to know the other two that you have added to the list. Scottish notes have the same anti-forgery features as english notes so this comment that they wouldnt pass inspection is nonsense. im glad you havent had any issues with english notes in scottish shops and stores, i guess that means that scottish retailers are more educated than their english counterparts you then talk about people coming to england using english notes and people going to scotland should use their local currency, fair enough but surely since you are keen on the idea of a united kingdom, then all notes should be accepted and respected regardless of which part of the country you are in. if English notes were the "official currency" then there wouldnt be these issues but since there is no bank of Great Britain or United Kingdom then there is no standardised currency. oh and one more thing, tory propaganda about scotland being independant and having the euro is absolute rubbish, as we have already established in this thread, Scotland already has its own banking and independant currency system
  9. If you're referring to my comment ... no. There are two contradictory arguments coming from the Scots to the English, not just in this thread but in general. The first is that we are one country and should be treated as such, the second is that we are two seperate countries and should be treated as such. The Scots can't have different bank notes and then expect an Englishman who's never seen them before to NOT question them. That's just silly. If the Scots want different bank notes, fine! No worries. But realise that they will cause problems South of the border. If the Scots don't want problems South of the border, don't have different currency. It can't be both ways. "Here are our differences, we are proud of our differences. Oh my god, you're confused by our differences; racist!" Why should the scots have the same bank notes as the English ? Why not the English use our notes then problem solved ;-) OK. I don't have a problem with that idea at all. :-) My point isn't that our notes are "right" and yours are "wrong"; my point is that some Scots seem to look for any difference from the English that they can and then get annoyed when those differences cause problems. Let's all have the same notes, it make no difference to me what the design on them is as long as everyone can recognise them. :-) The "Scots" dont have to look for differences at all, we have a separate legal system and a separate education system and until recently a separate language
  10. yeah i managed to have a brief chat with him and Femi Taylor the following day about the recent additions to the star wars films where their respective parts had been expanded and how there was still plenty more film available to add in when lucas decides he needs to buff the film yet again. one thing i was sad to hear was that they weren't paid any extra for these additions and that both the actors that i have mentioned that lucas/studios weren't particularly good payers... pity really. and now i wait for this post to be deleted...5...4...3...2...1
  11. they wouldnt even need that. a simple A4 sheet with miniaturised renditions of each type of Scottish bank note could be handed out to the staff or left at each desk where a guest was signing, all they would have to do was compare the note handed to them with the picture chart and do anti forgery tests and the problem is solved....whether SM want to solve the problem.... now that's another matter.
  12. as for issues with scottish notes at the LFFC 2014 not being recognised, again this can be put down to poor training and a lack of basic education by SM to it's staff, something that can very easily be rectified as there are posters available from some of the banks, north and south of the border to explain the style and layout of non english notes.
  13. yes Northern Rock was an English bank that was bailed out using British Tax Payers money first; Lloyds of London has also been given british tax payers money as financial aid...and not for the first time i might add but strangely when a "scottish bank" receive financial aid everyone in england starts moaning. i would also like to add that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is actually a public limited company which means it's technically not a fully fledged bank as say, The Bank of Scotland or the Bank of England for that matter.
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