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  1. I had the experience twice in short queues for shootings, that gold pass holders and batch 1 was called together. sorry but I pay a lot of money to not stand in the queue, mixed with batch 1. maybe it sounds rude from me, but we paid for it and that really wasn't okay 'only' because there only were 50 fans instead of hundreds? the pit boss doesn't care at all when I said that I have a gold pass.... for the carrie anne moss panel it was okay that diamond passes has reserved seats in the front but behind them it was mixed and no staff cares about it. dp holders, then goldies, then the rest. we paid for it. the last 2 years were well better organized for goldies in my experience. this year I really wish half of the money back from the ticket ...
  2. Thanks, i will think about it. normally I have never luck with such situations but I have nothing to lose, right? :)
  3. in such rare moments I wish we could change the phototicketday gina was too expensive to miss the shooting and carrie is one of my alltime fav actresses ... really weird situation. that's life but I was sad when I saw this right now
  4. I hope the shooting area is close to the stage ... sadly gina has not two shoots
  5. the gina torres photoshoot changed on sunday and now I miss carrie anne moss talk
  6. so gold pass is now H too? when I collect my gold pass friday noon, where should I get it? at H or?
  7. i hope there is an update soon, bec I want to book talks and photos, but I need to know the times for manu or lucifer talk ..
  8. looks like no carrie anne moss matrix set photo...
  9. genevieve is missing on sunday, or I am blind?
  10. I'm patient but normally such infos are also in the guest anncouncements threads too? I'm only worried but I love this idea or opinion :)
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