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  1. Hi Dave, How far is it from NEC ? How do you intend to travel to / from NEC? How much is the room?
  2. Hi, Am toying with the idea of attending this but my usual con buddy is away to Spain for his holidays and I have left it so late that all the nearby hotels are an arm a leg and a kidney. Didn't book earlier due to not knowing my work pattern (I work away from home for a week or more at a time) and not thinking I had enough cash available. If anyone is looking for a room share or knows a cheapish hotel nearby can you let me know. I always attend the parties and somewhere relatively close for taxi's and buses etc would be ideal Norman Mackay Regular Chevron Attendee and Star Trek Noobie
  3. As always I am keen to hear the themes for the parties and whether the Epic Quiz will return ! : ) A lot of the fans like a bit of time to plan the right costume and time marches on.....
  4. Hello one and all, Last time at chevron there was a few people disappointed by the gold package t shirt. Now I love my con t shirts and look forward to seeing what the design is each year. At the epic quiz we were all asked to give suggestions on how to improve the event and stir more interest. How about a competition to design the t shirt for the next chevron? With all the other things showmasters must do in preparation for the convention getting the more artistic fans to design a t shirt would mean only picking a winning design to send for production and it might provide some added publicity and interest. Just a thought
  5. Since the last Chevron was mainly guys maybe it's time for more of the ladies... Jessica Steen Morena Baccarin Julia Benson Julie McNiven
  6. Two questions firstly what costume will Chris be wearing? Secondly never done a green screen shoot before so I am assuming certain colours are to be avoided...can some one advise so I can choose a costume for Chris without fear of mucking up the gate room background? Cheers
  7. I would like to extend my thanks to all the crew for a great event. I am sure all my team mates enjoyed the quiz and although we lost - damn that Unicorn- thought it was great end to the organised events of Chevron 8.2. Many of us have already bought tickets for 8.3 and look forward to a revitalised event under Mr Murrays leadership and am sure many have some idea's to help make chevron go from strength to strength. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing all my con friends again next year!
  8. 7 days till the Scottish invasion! Lock up your beer!
  9. 15 days and David Blue is looking forward to it on so he says on Facebook......muhaha :)
  10. Come on Showmasters - give us a chance to get good costumes organised.
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