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  1. He knew back then he wouldn't be attending? How come it's just being announced today then? Surely he'd have told Showmasters at that point too? Total shame, he was my reason for attending. Oh well. **Edit - just read the Carl Weathers thread & saw QS' mention about agent bookings. Makes sense, forgot he was doing Chicago Law too. Still gutted (just like Dillon in Predator!)
  2. AWESOME show!! I hope/wish/pray I'll actually dress up this time - past 2 years money or work have gotten in the way.
  3. I don't mind the venue too much, but it's always the week before payday for most folks, but I know that's unavoidable from the planners POV. Also I think Braehead is a plus if it helps to be accessible for everyone, like mands said above (by the way, that meet list? Well jealous!!).
  4. It's that time again lol! I went last minute this year due to work commitments, so missed out on meeting anyone. For me - how about some of the Lost Girl cast? As always, V is a popular one, Power Rangers cast (Samurai is my wee girl's fave!), Firefly/Buffy/Angel cast and I always ask as it's a dream of mine to meet him - Mr Peter Davison. (if he wants to bring his son in law along, I'm all for it!) Any chance of a 4th/5th Doctor TARDIS photo set too? That would be epic. Not sure if such a thing exists mind you.
  5. Guests are looking promising so far, just wish Richard Dean Anderson was doing this show as well as London, as I can't get to that.
  6. Michael Jai White! Nicola Bryant, any of the cast of (original) V, Simon Baker (total long shot haha!) How about Velvet Sky or SoCal Val?
  7. Everybody has a price! Another awesome guest for 2015! Killing it already guys & it's only January! I best start saving!
  8. Whaaa? Gobsmacked & delighted. Couldn't make last year due to work so this is amazing news! I'm a huge SG1 fan!
  9. I've heard that Aaron Douglas is a hoot at cons! Took me a few tries to get through all of BSG - but overall it really is a top show. One of my gripes was that over used shot of a battle or some action sequence going on then a fast zoom in on the action, it's been getting done to death since Attack of the Clones (at least that's as far back as I can recall seeing it) and now it's thrown in everywhere - Man of Steel went crazy with it as well. Felt great getting that off my chest! Now, let's talk about how awesome Starbuck is!
  10. Confession time, I've only seen two episodes of TWD....and I wasn't keen on it (ducks for cover!)
  11. iam really enjoying it,it has great storyline and atmosphere,iam glad it has been renewed for a season two Sleepy Hollow is really enjoyable so far, and it's always great seeing Clancy Brown in things. My only wonder so far is when is he gonna change his 200 year old clothes? Oh, also seriously loving Blacklist - good call on that one by Mr DavidB!
  12. As far as I knew, the Kazui folks were the ones trying to do it but it all fell apart & is now DOA? At least, I hope that's still the case! Buffy was of its day, though I still think it should have ended with season 5, it was a great show.
  13. Was that the one with Lionel Luthor as the devil?
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