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  1. Trying to embed this with no luck... Me as Chuck and my friend as skater punk Superman!
  2. Guys how do I share pics? Thanks :)
  3. I hope it's okay to post this but in 2010 and 2011 Showmasters were kind enough to let me promote my Scottish superhero feature film, "Night is Day" and a lot of you lovely people supported it. Today quite a few people came up to me and asked how the film was coming along... So as a wee update, the film is completed and we found a sales agent at the American Film Market in 2011. Night is Day is now being handled by Shami Media in the US so fingers crossed it gets sold soon! In the meantime I've changed the rental price to just 99p for the weekend for all Collectormania attendees, just go to www.nightisday.net to watch it! Thanks :) Watch the trailer here!
  4. Brilliant day today guys! Can't wait to come back tomorrow. Any idea how I share my photos with you guys? It almost makes me want to make a web series and come promote it next year!
  5. Definitely going to head to geek retreat tomorrow after the con :)
  6. Wow that is quite far away! Yeah it's definitely smaller, but the talks are fun, the people are friendly and the guests are usually awesome too! I'll be the guy dressed as Chuck.
  7. Sounds awesome guys! Roll on the weekend! Why is it only Saturday haha?
  8. Brilliant! Are you going to be there this year? Hope you enjoyed the photos!
  9. Got to say it's been a while since I've been this excited for Collectormania Glasgow! For a good few years I was there to promote my film "Night is Day" (which is now in the hands of a US distributor!) and everybody was so friendly with us and showed a lot of support. Last year I felt it was a bit underwhelming but maybe that was because I was a "civilian" again hehe. But with the lineup this year, all of you guys being so cool about it, I can't wait to for the convention this year! I'm even contemplating coming both days! I'm actually feeling confident enough to come dressed as my hero, Chuck, too! So please, be gentle, it's my first ever cosplay. Are there people on here who are coming for the first time ever? What's the furthest people are travelling? I'm cheating and coming from Glasgow. Feel free to say hi if you spot me! I'll need to wear my glasses, for I am blind without them :) Cheers guys! Fraser
  10. Again, total stranger, but I hope she's okay!
  11. What time are you meeting on Friday and Saturday? Will definitely make the Saturday one! :)
  12. Sounds good guys, will try to make it to geek retreat on Friday. What time will you guys be there?
  13. Awesome! I'm going to have to download the intersect app now haha! I've got "Casey Calling" as my phone lock screen
  14. I've decided to cosplay for the first time ever. Here's my version of Chuck, from the show, erm, Chuck! http://twitpic.com/d99ef9
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