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  1. This event looking very quiet at the moment. Hoping for some Doctor Who Guests and Game of Thrones.
  2. will the site be updated with the new guests?
  3. Has anyone heard anything back regarding the photo quality and refunds?
  4. Apparently according to Matthew there were two little Johns in the story.
  5. Very nice man and a pleasure to meet.
  6. Not sure but I've tried to contact them twice as well. no reply as yet.
  7. Was there meant to be a Wil Wheaton mug as well? I didn't get one or Terence Stamp print
  8. You could also try two of the dealers who attend the events regularly - Mark and Sue Autographs and In2Flicks
  9. I agree with some of your suggestions but not others. Gold should mean priority otherwise whats the point in it - its a lot of money. Reinstate the Gold Pass auto pack No Goody bag 2 free 15 pounds autos Priority access to ALL guests (the chance to join the back of the line) Early entry. Should also be more limited than it was on Saturday (I have never seen so many Gold Passes at one event - this was shown when the Matt Lucas Photoshoot was on Saturday - they called Golds and a sea of people just descended on the area -so much so that we were three deep at times.
  10. This has been a big problem this year. One which I hope is rectified for the next one. as gold passes, we have always been able to get in and go and get VQ s for Diamond guests. But with some guests we were refused them until general entry came in.
  11. Its a shame that some people were given refunds but not others.
  12. Meeting Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Lucas, Benedict Wong, Natalie Dormer, Mark Strickson and David Morrisey
  13. In fairness, David tried really hard to get through them. I think what started his slowness at signing was the dealer who walked in front of everyone with 50 pictures.
  14. There were no Terrance Stamp prints either - we had to write our email addresses for them. I was hoping to get mine signed at the event.
  15. Can I give a special mention to the Pit Boss on the David Bradley queue today - very patient under difficult circumstances . Also to Chantelle for keeping her cool on the refunds desk. Not very happy though with one blue shirted crew on the Wrestling section on Sat - very rude.