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  1. Hi I know everyone has been busy over the weekend, but just wondering how long it usually takes as with the other cancelled guests I had an email saying that they had cancelled and a refund would be done shortly, havent had that email for Margot yet even though it's now Tuesday so just wondering if anyone knew when it will be done
  2. Sarah Douglas Appreciation

    Fantastic woman, really chatty and loved that I asked if I could kneel before her in the photo, and she said "you can anything you like love" :) who wants to worship Zod anyway, Ursa was the strong one, and she was I my opinion (although a couple were close) the very top of my photoshoots on Sunday :)
  3. Any news on this, I looked and you are right it's missing from Eventbrite , after Margot cancelled today I hope she hasn't too
  4. i'm looking at the UPDATE bit and thinking they may have got BC to do the sunday too :)
  5. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    3 mins, this is excruciating
  6. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    what i would really really like is Kurt Russell, however that probably isnt like likely so so i'm hoping for Adrienne Barbeau who came to LFCC in 2013 or Harry Dean Stanton (also unlikely i know) as would like at least 1 pic with a guest from Escape From New York now that most of the main cast has passed away
  7. Huge Guest Announcement- Friday - 7pm

    Please be KURT RUSSELL :)
  8. What a great guest, wish he was there on the Sunday would of been a fantastic shoot for my daughter meeting Professor Yana / The Master
  9. Guest Suggestions

    please can we have Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau Harry Dean Stanton Tom Atkins Frank Doubleday,
  10. Photo thread

    And I like this one too, how he stayed cool under all that rubber I don't know but I had a fan to stop my wig making my head sweat
  11. Photo thread

    Should be sorted now as copied the wrong links lol
  12. Photo thread

    My best 2 of the day was getting my Dean Cain photo and him shouting Snake Plissken, I love that movie :) and the 2nd was having my pic taken with my daughter :) in both our costumes :)