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  1. Or dress up in a really skimpy cosplay
  2. Did anyone find Christian a bit off at his signing table??
  3. I actually found someone on Instgram got a pic with him at the table. No harm in trying
  4. Well i found him very engaging.. but maybe because im a girl he definitly is a charmer around the females especially the ones in cosplay. I just found it funny. Soo bombed Im not doing sunday but just got my signed reservoir dogs poster framed first thing this morning. So chuffed, even got him to write the quote 'Are gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite' My world would be complete if you could get Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel and if possible Mr Tarantino himself
  5. No. A good warning for everyone. He likes to chat! So get in there early with him. Great guy
  6. Unless your female he isn't haha
  7. Their selling Ben's Cumberbunnies
  8. For the double photo shoot with BC and Mads. Is it more than likely to be a Sunday?
  9. I'm guessing Richard Armitage or Hugh Dancy. I know I'll be wrong
  10. Soo happy for the joint photo shoot! Met edge last year, such a down to earth pleasant guy.
  11. I wonder what else you would have to sell if Bill Murray was announced
  12. Does anyone know if finn jones does table selfies?
  13. If it is Bendycat cookiebatch. God pray for us all... when the fan girls arrive!!
  14. Or the hangman Kurt Russell would be a brill duo photo