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  1. I'm thinking more on the bigger scale.. like HULK Hogan! He's rumoured to star on Celeb BB this summer. So could possibly be him.
  2. Charlie Hunnam was in my dream last night. It could be a sign it's him!
  3. Arrow guests would be nice. Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes
  4. Yeah im tempted for the group one with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Ahhh too many choices.
  5. Right! Just finished Iron Fist, I've too like most of the ladies of LFCC fans, have fallen truly Madly in love with Finn Jones. But in a dilemma, cant decide to do a diamond pass or not as im waiting for other big names before the event. Does anyone think his auto que will be busy ??
  6. I love him as colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility the BBC drama
  7. Yess! Had the pleasure to meet him a few years back. Such a lovely guy. Cant wait to meet him again to sign my photo
  8. Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Huge Dancy, Charlie Cox, Jamie Dornan, Charlie Hunnam, Chis Evans, Chris Pratt, Dan Stevens, Kurt Russell, StoneCold Steve Austin.
  9. I would cry with happiness if he got announced
  10. Luke Evans and Dan Stevens
  11. Don't be a square... uma thurman?
  12. He is absolutely amazing in Legion, so I would love to meet him for that, along with any other of the cast members. Was about to say the same, Legion is brilliant.I've been asking for Aubrey Plaza in here for a few weeks now! Don't forget the Guest
  13. Could it be the Fonz 👍
  14. A cool guest for me would have to be Clayne Crawford who plays Martin riggs from the new Lethal Weapon series.
  15. Don't think this guy has been mentioned before... HUGE DANCY