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  1. I buy the dvd sets as well; I just try to avoid reading or hearing about spoilers as best I can.
  2. I stumbled upon my brother watching a movie once but it wasn't Aliens
  3. John Deacon (Queen) If I can get an alternative to P****bucket I can post pics again!
  4. Autos for me too, except on 2 occasions so far (Buzz and Marina) where I got photoshoots as well as autos. Have plenty of "over the table" photos too!
  5. I never liked Photobucket anyway, and there's no way I'm giving them that amount of money. They're gonna shed customers big time.
  6. Just about to read "Apollo Pilot" the memoir of Apollo 7 astronaut Donn Eisele. It's a slim volume, but I'm reliably informed his blunt views make most of the other astronaut autobiographies "look like kids' books".
  7. Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) A good Hammer film. I'd forgotten Peter Sallis was in it (playing against type as a man of dubious morals)
  8. I'm still hoping for "Carry On Xenomorph"
  9. I've followed the Gunners since I saw this match as a kid; managed to get the 3 x Arsenal goal scorers Brian Talbot Frank Stapleton Alan Sunderland The "five minute final"-what a game!
  10. Meeting Shane was one of the best guest experiences I've had at a Showmasters con-highly recommended!
  11. That would be one helluva line-up!
  12. I also met him last year and he was a bit grumpy, but he was clearly in a bit of discomfort with his legs so it was understandable.
  13. Updates this year: Michael Fassbender Christoph Waltz Kylie Minogue Scott Bakula Jonathan Frakes
  14. I get where you're coming from but its grimness wore me down. As for Prometheus, I really like this movie and have watched it many times on Blu-ray. I enjoyed Covenant but it lacked originality.
  15. The Time Machine (1960). Looks great on Blu-ray but they dropped a clanger with the packaging.