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  1. "Planet of Evil" I remember being scared by this story as a kid and enjoyed watching it again. Good extras on the dvd as well.
  2. Have finally started reading "Hero Grown" by Andy Livingstone after some Kindle delivery issues. This is part 2 of "The Seeds of Destiny" trilogy. A welcome return to Brann's world and the story is moving along nicely.
  3. Don't want to give anything away but the ending felt right to me (although it wasn't what I expected).
  4. The Girl With All The Gifts. If you like 28 Days Later this has a similar theme and feel to it.
  5. He came to Glasgow a couple of years ago-nice guy
  6. Favourite Story: Genesis of the Daleks Least Favourite: The Edge of Destruction. The latter is from the William Hartnell era. You'd think it would be quite thrilling given the title but the most exciting thing in it is the revelation that the Tardis has a drinks dispenser...
  7. Oh dear; I see what you mean. Sorry I started this topic now :-/
  8. Enjoyed the first two in the series; looking forward to this!
  9. I like what they've done to the Library-nice refurb job! Haven't gotten around to Stephen Baxter yet; reading "Lost Moon" (story of the Apollo 13 mission). At least I know it has a happy ending!
  10. Great film
  11. Whether or not a guest will personalise or write quotes is not usually known until the show itself as it will depend on how busy the guest will be and can change throughout the day. I do expect John to be very busy though, especially as he is only there for one day. True, He'll be very busy. He could also sign like RDA en Christopher L. They only write their names and not the character they play. We'll see at the venue itself I suppose Based on the signature examples I've seen I expect he will rattle through them.
  12. Still got it waiting to be watched but I'm aware it's probably best described as 'a bit pants' Victor Frankenstein was also a bit of a stinker in my opinion, nice to see half the cast of Sherlock in it but that's about it. I agree with you about Victor Frankenstein but didn't want to say yesterday in case you really enjoyed it!
  13. My bother got me the 1978 "2000AD Annual" for my birthday-enjoying being 10 again
  14. I also watched "I am Your Father" on Netflix and it reminded me of this auto I got from Dave Prowse (see previous). Not sure if he was broaching a long-held family secret or just quoting from the movie