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  1. I get where you're coming from; I could only remember two of the crew's names 5 minutes after watching the movie! Although that could be senility...
  2. It was a good film, but I felt that Ridley Scott did what JJ Abrams did with The Force Awakens; made a retread of the original for a new generation with some additional elements added. Lots of references to Alien and Aliens (and Blade Runner!) Michael Fassbender was excellent and the ending was deliciously creepy. I would rate it as the 4th best Alien film (just behind Prometheus)
  3. I use "Elba" poly pockets for my autos. As well as being acid-free, they have one design that is flared at the top making it really easy to insert and remove photos/docs. From personal experience, the bog standard poly pockets are fine as long as you go for the acid-free type. I have autos stored in cheapo pockets older than many of my fellow forum users and they look as fresh as the day they were signed!
  4. He used the power of his celebrity status to help many people less fortunate than himself. A great Bond and a great human being. Rest In Peace
  5. Looking forward to seeing this next week. I've watched Prometheus so many times and keen to see what David has experienced since then.
  6. In terms of films, my favourites are "Oliver!" and "Singin' in the Rain". Have seen these live as (very good) amateur productions. I love "The Producers" (not sure if it counts as a musical but it is about a musical!). We saw the production with Jason Manford and Ross Noble and met them after the show.
  7. A great show; it was on STV on Sunday afternoons. Always liked GB as an actor.
  8. Con Flu-wasn't David Carradine in that?
  9. Why oh why didn't I give Buzz Aldrin a cuddle when I had the chance!
  10. Geoffrey Bayldon has died aged 93. Fondly remembered for roles such as Catweazle and as the Crowman in Worzel Gummidge. He would have made a great Doctor (Who). Rest in Peace
  11. Any guests from "Colony" would be appreciated.
  12. I believe you!
  13. I had no idea they had brought it back! Really liked the first two seasons then I felt it fell away a bit. Enjoy!
  14. Bryan Marshall