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Hibernating '19 Questions' game of Hibernation


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1 minute ago, Queen_Sindel said:

No. - 4

You should know from the guessing games that I never think THAT straight. :lol: 

Also, I am a character and not an Actor.

That is the character :P even if it's wrong (Shows how little I know) Wiki says Paul Munroe/Paul Rovia.

Rick Grimes?  He's being 'resurrected' for a spin off film


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Even after looking through a list of the Saviours I'm as clueless as a dog trying to figure out how to eat a toffee.

Unless PCF is right, you have succeeded in flummoxing us and have 'won' 19 Questions.

The prize is it's your turn again :D

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I'm Negan.

Boss of the Saviors and living in the Sanctuary. (Jesus connection - also the Walking Dead Jesus was trying to keep people from killing all Saviors).

That lovely baseball bat on my shoulder is named Lucille (as the Little Richard song from 1957), Lucille also was the name of my wife.

Oh, and half of your sh*t is mine. :lol:  (50 for 50 percent) 




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3 minutes ago, Queen_Sindel said:

So let's try this again... I'll use my backup, hopefully that's easier.

My sister is never going to believe me no one got Negan. 

I've today read a bit about TWD as well and saw Sanctuary mentioned a few times! D'oh.  Lucille didn't come up on the list I had of famous 50's songs but I might not have picked up on it anyway even if it had!

Well done!

Are you a real person?

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