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Would love some Buffy & Angel guests. Especially:


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Seth Green

Kristy Wu

Alyson Hannigan

David Boreanaz

Gina Torres

Michelle Trachtenberg

Bailey Chase

Daniel Dae Kim

Lindsay Crouse

Elizabeth Anne Allen

Ethan Erickson


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Still weighing up whether I can make this one, would be GREAT if one or two more guests from my main autograph collections are announced to seal the deal :D So! A few X-Men suggestions as per: Jason Flemyng, Ray Park, Sean Teale, Ed Skrein, Sophie Turner, Stephen Moyer, Alan Cumming, Stephen Merchant, Richard E Grant, Patrick Stewart, and of course any of the other 80 or so X-Men/Deadpool/Legion/Gifted cast. 

LOST: Naveen Andrews, Rebecca Mader, Adewale Akkinuoye Agbaje, Dominic Monaghan, Zuliekha Robinson, Henry Ian Cusick to name but a few. I'm largely just listing UK actors in hopes they're somehow easier to schedule (despite probably not even living here anymore!)

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could u try and get peter davison or tom baker to join colin and sylvester on the saturday please?

I'd also love to meet if possible:

Lindsay Lohan

David Frankham (Star Trek, 101 Dalmatians)

R. L Stine

Ric Reid (Goosebumps, Reign, PSI Factor)

Eugene Lipinski (Indiana Jones, Goosebumps, Warcraft)

Frank Pellegrino (animorphs, goosebumps)

ardal o'hanlon (father ted, dr who)

pat shortt (father ted)


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13 minutes ago, maxcat said:

could u try and get peter davison or tom baker to join colin and sylvester on the saturday please?

Unfortunately, Tom Baker isn't doing conventions outside of London any more due to his age, maxcat.

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Tim bentinck

Jess harnell 

anyone from the 007 night fire or everything or nothing video games

also still waiting on the mask, jumanji, the muppets and the mummy guests-any would b good!

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I really want anyone Harry potter:-

ian hart

richard bremmer 

christian coulson 

jim mcmanus

harry Taylor 

richard leaf

alfie enoch

jamie yeates 

lee ingle by 

Michael Byrne 

Edward Tudor pole 

Paul Ritter

bronson webb

philip rham

dsvid sterne 

Richard cubison 

richard trinder 

anthony John Crocker 

Daniel hill 

Eva Alexander 

Jane perry 

graham duff

nicholas blane 

sean cronin 

gemma chan

verne troye

ray fearon 

phil selway 

jim tavare

julie christie 

nina young

dawn French 

jim norton

peter best

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I would like to see....

Peter Mayhew

Gary Kurtz

Robert Englund

Julian Glover

John Rhys Davies

Derek Jacobi

Any wrestling guests, I really loved the wrestling guests. Any wrestling legends would be fantastic, plus Demolition are doing the London Comic Con so it would be great to see them in Cardiff.


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Could we have some welsh guests?

Ruth Jones

Rhys Ifans

Johnathan Rhys Davies

Siwan Morris

Jonathan Pryce

Eve Myles 

And some not so welsh guests but equally awesome! I would love if Tom Burke could come seen as he had to cancel last year.

Tom Burke

Ryan Gage

Maimie McCoy

Aaron Stanford

Shane Rangi

Barry Duffield

Emily Hampshire

Aidan Turner

Peter Facinelli

Dustin Clare

Holly Marie Coombs

Charles Eston

Jonathan Jackson

Not technically an actor but maybe Nathan Massey and Michael Van Wijk?


Thank you! Xoxox

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Cast of the Doctor Who Movie (which other than Paul, Daphne, Eric or Yee I haven't seen have done a Con):

Geoffrey Sax

John Novak

Michael David Simms

Catherine Lough Haggquist

Dolores Drake

Will Sasso

Jeremy Radick

Eliza Roberts

Bill Croft

David Hurtubise

Joel Wirkkunen

Dee Jay Jackson

Gordon Tipple

Mi-Jung Lee

Joanna Piros

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Would love some Vampire Diaries/ The Originals guests such as

Chase Coleman 

Michael Malarkey 

Annie Wersching 

Nate Buzolic 

Daniel Sharman 


Also some Teen Wolf guests would be awesome too, such as 

Daniel Sharman 

Cody saintgnue 

Ryan Kelly

J R Bourne 

Also as an extra PLL guest lol 

Huw James Collins is LOVELY and bonus he is WELSH!!! :) 

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i came across some unusual names whilst going thru the classic dr who era backwards:

morgan deare (roger rabbit, mission impossible)

ralph salmins (twilight, trolls, doctor who)

ken dodd (ken dodd show, alice in wonderland, dr who)

steven mackintosh (underworld, luther, muppet christmas carol)

martin jarvis (titanic, girl with the dragon tattoo, wreck-it ralph)


If any of these could attend that would b great!!

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I really really really really really really really want More Guests from The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A time and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Franchises!!

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To re-iterate names from the cast of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, please c if u can get any of these in?:

Geraldines James (Rogue One)

Goran Visnjic (Timeless, Ice Age)

Donald Sumpter 

Tony Way

Josefin Aspland (Vikings)

Martin Jarvis (Titanic)

Julian Sands

Elodie Young (Daredevil, The Defenders)

Jurgen Klein (Stuntman)

Embeth Davidtz (The Amazing Spiderman)

Marco Albrecht (Stuntman)

Alistair Duncan (cartoon Batman)

David Dencik (Both Dragon Tattoo films)

Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop, Suicide Squad)

George Gerdes (NCIS, X files)

Christine Adams


Obviously with Vamps and Once u've got such a large cast to choose from

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I would be very happy to see Prentis Hancock & David Collings in Cardiff? 

Just to get Prentis & Jeremy Bulloch to sign my Chocky Print.

And David to sign my Look and Read:Dark Towers book. Also if Peter Mayhew were to be there I'd get him to sign the book as well.


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Sorry for the long list. Have put them in groups as to why they might be popular ;)

Doctor Who
Clive Merrison
Adjoa Andoh
Brian Blessed
Brian Miller
Christopher Good
Colette O'Neil
Dan Starkey
David Ashton
Donald Gee
Eleanor Bron
Gareth Armstrong
Geoffrey Beevers
Hannah Gordon
Hugh Bonneville
Iain Glen
James Greene
Jane Asher (Sarah Jane Adventures)
Jenny Lee
Keith Drinkel
Lindsay Duncan
Mark Bonnar
Mark Gatiss
Mark Straker
Maureen O'Brien
Michael Cochrane
Michael Kilgarriff
Michael Troughton
Neville Jason
Nicholas Boulton
Nigel Hastings
Peter Davison
Petra Markham
Philip Anthony
Richard Dillane
Robert Glenister
Roger May (An Adventure In Space And Time)
Ronald Pickup
Samuel West
Stephen Critchlow
Stephen Garlick
Stephen Thorne
Struan Rodger
Stuart Milligan
Susannah Harker
Tom Baker
Vincent Brimble
Crawford Logan

Star Wars
Clarence Smith
Harriet Walter
Jack Klaff
Jaimi Barbakoff (Game)
James Taylor
Jamie Glover
Jonathan Keeble (Game)
Lydia Leonard (Game)
Michael Pennington

James Bond
Bruce Alexander
Constantine Gregory
Judi Dench
Neville Jason

Alex Jennings - The Queen & The Lady In The Van
Alex Norton - Blackadder
Ben Onwukwe - London's Burning
Carolyn Jones - Crossroads
Diana Hunter - Superman
Don McCorkindale - Carry On
Douglas Henshall - Famous Actor
Edward Petherbridge - Famous Actor
Geoffrey Whitehead - Famous Actor
Ian Masters - Red Dwarf
James Laurenson - Sharpe
James Wilby - Poldark
Janice Acquah - Sherlock
Jeremy Clyde - Famous Actor
John Bett - Famous Actor
Julian Rhind-Tutt - Famous Actor
Kevin Whately - Inspector Morse & Lewis
Lou Hirsch - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Maggie Steed - Eastenders
Matt Zimmerman - Thunderbirds
Michael Feast - Game Of Thrones
Michael Tudor Barnes - Eastenders
Nicholas Le Prevost - Famous Actor
Nigel Carrington - The Dark Knight
Patrick Malahide - Game of Thrones
Penny Downie - Famous Actor
Peter Gunn - Coronation Street
Philip Fox - Blackadder
Robert Daws - Poldark
Robin Ellis - Poldark
Roy Hudd - Famous Actor
Ruth Gemmell - Penny Dreadful
Sean Arnold - Bergerac
Simon Treves - Red Dwarf
Siobhan Redmond - Famous Actor
Stephen Tompkinson - Famous Actor
Steve Hodson - Follyfoot
Timothy West - Famous Actor

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