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  1. I would like to see.... Peter Mayhew Gary Kurtz Robert Englund Julian Glover John Rhys Davies Derek Jacobi Any wrestling guests, I really loved the wrestling guests. Any wrestling legends would be fantastic, plus Demolition are doing the London Comic Con so it would be great to see them in Cardiff.
  2. I would like to see..... Peter Mayhew (Star Wars) Jeremy Bulloch AKA Boba Fett (Star Wars) Daniel Naprous (Star Wars) Linda Blair (The Exorcist) David Bradley (Harry Potter, GOT, Doctor Who) Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) That's reasonable guests
  3. Cardiff Film and Comic Con is closer to Halloween this year and I was thinking that maybe at this convention, we should have some appearances from Horror Movie icons. I know we have got three of the actors who appeared in Hellraiser but it would be amazing to see the legends like Doug Bradley (Who played Pinhead! Plus it would be the first time he made an appearance in the Cardiff Comic Con), Robert Englund, Lance Henriksen, Tony Todd, George A. Romero (First time for him as well), Tobin Bell and any one else who has made an impact in the Horror movie genre. It's just a suggestion and it w
  4. Also, i forgot about.... Robert Carlyle George A Romero Forgot about them too :-)
  5. I would like to see if they are not busy Robert Englund Lance Henriksen Sam Niell Mads Mikkelsen John Hurt Rutger Hauer ​Michael Biehn Any wrestler as well which would be fantastic The people I've named I think would actually make an impact at Cardiff Comic Con. I know Robert Englund and Lance Henriksen have been before, it would be amazing to see them again! The names could actually draw a good crowd as well, not that Cardiff Comic Con has problems with attendances anyway ;-)
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