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I was wondering if you were getting Big Finnish there due to the fact that they are releasing the new audio books in a few months....   Kriss :)

David Blue recently indicated in a twitter Q&A that he hadn't been invited to a con in a while and he might like to attend one. Any chances?

that was a dreadful announcement the other year. 1 day before the event. it was a miracle you got 3 guests to replace him in just 24 hours. i thank you gratefuly for that and cross fingers it never happens again. thinking again it sort of did happen with judge and browder too they dropped out within days of the event. all are just hoping and praying we get to see shanks this time and hopefuly in the future as i am yet to meet him and dont know yet if i can come to the one in nov.

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Or dropped out ... :grump:


Don't remind me of that. The last thing you want to hear after being on board of a plane for 14 hours is "now that you are sitting: Shanks has dropped out." :no:



Let's hope he doesn't decide to stay in Cannes after what seems to have been a pretty fun time for him....last he was seen trying to stuff his hand up a Dinosaur's bottom!... :crying: ..check out his Twitter to understand that one if you dare!! :BRUISED: ...If I was there I wouldn't want to leave... :poki:



I'm just keeping everything crossed until I see him run down that aisle and jump on stage at the Opening Ceremony in 3 weeks!!

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Claudia black her with michael would be a laugh

david hewlett he realy wants to come to a con

robert carlyle i would love to meet him

david blue i know he has come before but hes great

brian j smith an awsome guy

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