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  1. Why say it's not who you think it is, when it's exactly who everyone thought it was? lol
  2. You know his name is spelt wrong on the website?
  3. I've just booked, so yes. Was a pain though because I had to sign up to their rewards program in order to book online because it wouldn't allow a booking without an account.
  4. Some do if it's a special offer rate. Travelodge do this a lot. Lines were closed when I called last night so for reference to anyone yet to call, it's only open until 6pm!
  5. Can someone let me know do they make a charge on your card when you book?
  6. Was an official announcement made about the number of guests?
  7. Never mind... it said 6.01pm when I was a guest then changed to 7.01pm after I logged in... weird
  8. Is it just me or has the forum clock gone back an hour for anyone else?? Bit of a cheat, that!!
  9. So how did I spend my Friday night.... sitting at the computer screen pressing refresh. I need a social life.
  10. This would have been my suggestion too. Not all of us know which version is which so some sort of sign explaining things would have been helpful. Still cool though. Thanks for the feedback ,I know it might have been missed but each off the displays were on stands and the info was on them ,but next time if they are wanted i'll do some plaques to put infront of them My apologies for missing that then. Probably with people milling around and with them being the size they are you're naturally drawn to looking at the clothes etc rather than the stands. If they are against a wall like they were, maybe just a printed sign stuck behind them would be good too. Just a minor point, didn't spoil anything and a nice display. This was my suggestion too, I would have liked a bit more detail about what I was looking at. I took photos of the display and still can't see any signs, except one under the bust that says "Terminator 2 Judgment Day T-1000". I think what we are saying is that it would be nice to have signs outside the roped area, like you would get in a museum, with a bit more detail about the piece. Maybe even at the end of the history you could even put a photo of it in action?
  11. I've discovered I need to find a new pose that involves the use of my left arm, to stop it just hanging there!! LOL
  12. I queued on the day to get a refund for my Red Dwarf group photoshoot, so don't see how it's different to queueing on the day for this one
  13. She has done so much TV and charity work there is so much she can talk about!
  14. SM are already at the event setting it up and wouldn't have time to process refunds now. So why can't Amanda just do the talk by herself. I bet 80-90% of people would still go to the Amanda talk, and then refund the people who don't want to go.... Agreed, I would be happy to see Amanda on her own.
  15. SM are already at the event setting it up and wouldn't have time to process refunds now. Isn't it a person whose job is to handle the shop? I didn't think they staffed the events as well?
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