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  1. Why say it's not who you think it is, when it's exactly who everyone thought it was? lol
  2. claire316

    Latest guest announcement - CRAIG PARKER

    You know his name is spelt wrong on the website?
  3. claire316

    Updated Code and Weblink for Booking Hotel

    I've just booked, so yes. Was a pain though because I had to sign up to their rewards program in order to book online because it wouldn't allow a booking without an account.
  4. claire316

    Updated Code and Weblink for Booking Hotel

    Much more convenient, thanks!
  5. claire316

    Hotel Code?

    Some do if it's a special offer rate. Travelodge do this a lot. Lines were closed when I called last night so for reference to anyone yet to call, it's only open until 6pm!
  6. claire316

    Hotel Code?

    Can someone let me know do they make a charge on your card when you book?
  7. claire316

    Poss up to 20 guests for 20th anniversary!

    Was an official announcement made about the number of guests?
  8. Never mind... it said 6.01pm when I was a guest then changed to 7.01pm after I logged in... weird
  9. Is it just me or has the forum clock gone back an hour for anyone else?? Bit of a cheat, that!!
  10. Have they posted it in the Summer LFCC thread by mistake?
  11. So how did I spend my Friday night.... sitting at the computer screen pressing refresh. I need a social life.
  12. Post Spiderman pics, might wake them up...
  13. I laughed so much I nearly choked on my dinner