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  1. Hey guys, do you know the email address for Show Masters? I was supposed to recieve my group shot JPEG yesterday but still nothing. I get that they are busy but I'd like to shoot them a messags about it, if anyone knows it can you lemme know? Xx
  2. Yay! Email might be best- mines is KBoyce G 89 at gmail dot com. I have a few pictures for you xx
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for the awesome guy who was cosplaying as Wonder Woman to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy, anyone know how I can get in contact with him? (Hopefully he sees this post!) xx
  4. I used a gmail account. I emailed and facebook messaged back in November. Will I be able to redeem their tickets to use the photos and autos? Does anyone know? xx
  5. Tried email, tried facebook, tried twitter (okay, I never called, but I hate the phone) My American friends bought two Gold tickets but aren't able to come to the convention anymore. Are they able to do the re-sell policy, am I able to use them in their stead, can they be sold on after redemption? Are they just SOOL? xx
  6. The weekend was a blast, my only complaint, that I DID take up with one of the red shirts, was about Jason and Amandas manager. That /woman/ is an absolute rude individual, who I hope to never meet again. At Chevron 7.9 she was snappy, and this year she was clicking fingers like the paying customers were dogs, rushing lines and snatching things to thrust to actors. I understand 100% that the guests had to get through a lot of people, but as there was a reason I was going to both actors I wouldn't have paid for their autograph from Showmaters if I knew what would have happened- I would have went with another company xx
  7. Oh man, my friends step daughter LOVES her. I think my name will be mud if I don't get her siggy. Fingers crossed eh? xx
  8. I'm getting the train on Wed night and back up on Monday morning :) xx
  9. If you get Alexis (Skarra/Klorel) I would drop my August plans JUST to meet him again! He's been uber busy with his latest project (The UnProfessionals - http://www.facebook.com/theunprofessionalsgraphicnovel) but has told a few of us he'd love to come to the UK!! xx
  10. You can ask at reception to join another groups taxi :) my sis and I did this in the summer. Unless your looking for peeps to chat with while going to the con, then just ignore me :) x
  11. I had been chatting to my dad about going to this con, he loves ST, but he was put off because of it being the first one. After reading the comments posted (yes the bad AND the good) I concluded it was a good idea NOT to go. I have been to different 'runners' of conventions and know what it is like to have a convention ruined by rude people, mislabeleed and inccorect singing etc. My dad came to me and asked if I'd seen the Watchdog report. After watching it, I agree with what I've read and seen. You can't please all the people all of the time, but there were genuine complaints from people that weren't brought up, like not getting what they had paid for- "Pre signed auto from a guest in attendence" and the most comments I noticed where that they got a pic signed by Ethan Phillips "Neelix." At the EMS convention, he signed a LARGE box of autos, and talked about how he wasn't able to attend. Seems a bit rank to me. That being said, first time the convention has been run, but it has been run by people who know what they are doing. However I don't think he (or I after Chevvy) will be attending any more cons after the way they have been seen to deal with their after care of customers. (My own two cents.) xx
  12. I kinda agree with you Claire. I'm hoping this guest turns out to be like Alex and Dan, (I know what I mean lol) because not really seeing the great pull of this convention tbh. xx
  13. I will arrive in London after 7 pm, won't be able to get to the convention site till about 8.30ish. Will I still be able to go to the Friday party? I haven't bought my ticket yet as I've only recently been able to confirm I can go, so I assume I will only have an email confirmation of my ticket once I buy? Any help is appreciated :) xx
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