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  1. Hey there Is there any chance of getting Chris Judge for Chevron considering you have him announced for the following Comic Cons? Belfast Film and Comic Con 14th-15th May Manchester Film and Comic Con 21st-22nd May Exeter Film and Comic Con 25th-26th June Bolton Film and Comic Con 2nd-3rd July I know there is a few weeks difference between Chevron 22nd-24th April and Belfast Film and Comic Con 14th-15th May but surely there is no harm in asking the guy? I know you had him announced for Chevron 7.7 and then he cancelled a few days before hand but I beg of you please try and get hi
  2. Hi there everyone! This is a bit of an odd request but can someone update the Chevron 8.3 website please to include the 2 novelists that were announced 3 months ago please? It would actually help with the advertisement of the convention a bit more as it looks like only 4 people are going when it is in fact 6. I know there are still some details to be announced for them (according to the forum post) but it would still be cool to see them up there with the others. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you to all the guests, fans and also the crew. As usual you have provided a great weekend and I really miss you all so much already even though it's only been a week since Chevron. Even though Sherlocked was on, the crew handled this Chevron really well and a special round of applause to Andrew for hosting Chevron 8.2. You did an amazing job dude! Anyway just wanted to say thanks to everyone and I will see you all at the next Chevron. Raiden58237 (Richard Piskorz)
  4. Hey everyone! All of my Chevron photo's have now been uploaded. Please feel free to go through them and share them. It is a public album so everyone should be able to see it. If you see anyone you know feel free to tag them as I am too lazy not to do it lol. If you want any of the photos for whatever reason please feel free to use them. Please share your photos below for everyone to see if you want to :) Enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152832178547894.1073741837.698447893&type=1&l=62ca9ee565
  5. Hey guys! Please can you make sure that cold water is strategically placed and available around the hotel whilst everyone waits for photo's and auto's please. It gets really hot in the hotel and I know you did it last year. You have no idea how greatly we will appreciate this lol. Thanks. P.S You always do a great job crew! Keep it up :)
  6. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly :)
  7. Hey there! Can someone from ShowMasters please inform me as to how much extra autos and photos from each guest will cost please as there is no information on your online shop. I'd rather know now then on the day so I can get a rough financial figure in my head. Thank you
  8. Hey Shara06 Don't worry too much about your English. As long as you have basic English you will be fine. One of my mates is from Germany and can speak it fluent so if there are any issues which you are unsure about then I can always ask her to translate for us if she doesn't mind doing so. In case any of you are wondering who I am, I'm the weird crazy guy who keeps posting David Blue pictures in the Chevron 8.2 Facebook group. Yes I forgot about the crew. Sorry guys All of the crew who help run the Chevron events are also very very friendly and really good at what they do. They can alway
  9. Hey guys n girls! This is for all you new guys n girls who are attending there first Chevron and have no idea what to expect, well let big Rich break it all down for you. Just so you know this break is only a rough draft and normally Too Tall will post the schedule up a few days before so you know what to expect but it normally goes along these lines. Friday: Screaming, shouting and hugging as it's a large family meet up for us all :) Introduction panel from the organizers and the guests. Gold and VIP private party in the bar area for an hour. PARTY!!! (Don't expect to be going to bed
  10. Hey everyone! I've gone to several Chevron conventions and know nearly every rule but I just want to clarify 1 or 2 things about recording videos at Chevron. I understand that no one is allowed to record videos in any of the guest talks, auctions etc thats fine. Are Showmasters happy for people to record around the hotel, in the evening parties and in the dealers room providing the people in the video are happy to be recorded and none of the guests are in the video without there permission? I just want to make sure before hand and this might give some clarification to others who might like t
  11. It will be a few months yet before the code comes out. Don't worry showmasters always give you enough time to book before the event. They normally give you a good month or 2 and there are always room available. If there isn't, there are cheap hotels very very close by to the hotel the event is at.
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