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  1. Not only that, I have been pushed out of the way several times, now pushing isn't nice but especially not when you are on a crutch, all the cons I have been Gold and entered with the standards or just at the very last cause they would just not let you through!
  2. I still vote for Claudia Black!
  3. you know here I was thinking .. huh ? but I thought Carol had those seats! .. didn't read it right I guess sitting right next to ya and getting up that early ... geeh I remember me and Mel had decided THAT NIGHT BEFORE TO GO TO BED AT 5! ... I remember getting bk upstairs closing the curtains and just fall back asleep
  4. geeh what happened ... I haven't been here ages and it's coming REALLY CLOSE NOW!
  5. well I can see people's frustration .. so far I've been only gold and silver ... and I do think when you are called and you decide to do it the next day you can go first ... and not stand in the line behind the standards .. I mean gold is pretty expensive
  6. Hi there, I'm sorry that you found yourself standing for the last panel. No one should have to do that, whether with a crutch or not! I know it is not much consolation now as it has already happened, but if you ever find yourself in a similar position, or indeed if anyone else does, then please just speak to a member of crew who will sort the situation out. Numbering seats is not really a practical option as they are set and re-set so many times over the weekend, often at very short notice. People should just respect the system that is in place and abide by the idea that once you
  7. I had a great weekend but ... I was gold with a friend and as said before you get in with the rest which leads to pushing to get your seat. the talks were great but sunday night at the last panel I was FORCED TO STAND to the side ... as I said I have a gold ticket and even worse I have a crutch! I mean Gold and disabled ? that is a little strange... I would suggest maybe for future events that the seats get a number, that way it really IS YOUR chair for the entire weekend. This way you can prevent confusion with the ones who can't speak or only know poor english. Overall it was a great we
  8. had a blast! guests were awesome! humor was awesome! I enjoyed myself a lot! thank you showmasters!!
  9. and I was there right beside you * yawn * still tired .. G18 & 19
  10. I still haven't received my letter .. I will take my credit card bill with the payment on it hopefully that is enough ?I also bought a ticket for my friend, if I take the bill and both our ID cards will that be ok ?
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