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New Guest Announcement - Arthur Darvill

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Wait. Arthur was a companion in the CURRENT SERIES and he wasn't worth enough to be a mystery guest? So the mystery guest is BIGGER than a current companion? So that must mean it is either a Doctor or a full time companion.

We don't know when they signed him up. It could've been after this 'mystery guest' anyway.


Time will tell.


Of course they could have swapped places and made him the surprise - we'd not of known - it certainly would have been a OMG moment hard to top, that everyone would have been talking about. If he was a surprise this time who might it be the next time etc etc. But with the loss of three (ironically the only three I was spending a lot of money on - it's now an incredibly cheap weekend!) we certainly needed a guest of his importance to compensate.

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He was brilliant - would be great to see him back.

I've got to agree, he was lovely, such a nice guy and I'm glad he seemed to enjoy his first convention. He was a pleasure to meet and his guest encounter and talk were both great, definitely some of my favourite bits over the weekend :YAHOO:

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Yeah with the event being quieter and more subdued than most I think it was a good start for him.


He said he was excited about it but worried we might be mad and crazy...and we are lol But not in a scary loud way ;)


He seemed to enjoy himself and enjoy chatting to fans. Great guy and really nice to talk to :(


Man-crush was there from the TV show anyway but he just poured fuel on the fire :D

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