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  1. I remember during Michael J Fox’s shoot in 2015 the guy (Luke?) manning it had a whiteboard and wrote the batch numbers called on there rather than shouting, maybe that’s something they should invest in for all shoots. And definitely change the colour of the VQ boards so they’re easier to read maybe.
  2. Looks like I’ll be pushing it for my train home again with them putting Sam’s photo shoot so late D: I’m hoping batch 3 is called in the morning!
  3. I’m super excited to meet him again! He’s such a lovely guy.
  4. This is pretty much what I do with mine, I've a folder full of them >.< With the exception of a Tennant one which SM accidentally printed twice, that's on a shelf!
  5. Looking at the schedule, this was only from 15:05-15:15 with Christopher's straight after.
  6. Oh I know! But then if I remember rightly last year Saturday sold out and there was a lot less no posed photos. Not that I'm complaining, I got the photos I wanted :)
  7. To be honest I felt like a good majority this time round were no posed photos!
  8. Weirdly enough I recognised one of the crew over the weekend as a dealer I've seen at various events, they're clearly moving up in the world xD
  9. Does anyone know the email we contact regarding the cancelled Rutger shoot on Saturday??
  10. Awesome guest! I'd love to get him to sign my Angel book ( loved him in it!) but I know it'll be MENTAL!
  11. They were a bit steep for what you actually got, I miss the free ones!
  12. I was VQ#69 on Sunday and I was so gutted to hear they actually had him stay late as at that point I'd left to get my train home after being told there was no chance of seeing him. I feel if he's ever back they need to limit the amount of photo shoots? Or even diamond passes?
  13. What I don't understand is why getting into Michael J Fox's talk yesterday was really well organised yet the BTTF talk was an utter shambles from beginning to end?!?! I don't understand why they couldn't have people bringing attendees inside the hall in pass numbers like on Saturday? Absolute joke.
  14. They went from the billing address for the card I used cos I didn't put an address in either, might be the same for you?
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