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    Goodbyes and Thankyous

    *hangs head in a suitably ashamed manner as I obviously don't get on line enough* I'll miss you, babe. We have shared some fun times and some very, very hard times over the years; I don't know how I'll cope without you really :-( I'll miss you and will keep in touch..... always! J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. betrayed-deagol

    Showmasters New Year Extravaganza 6!

    Alex, Alice and I will pop in to say Hi to you all...... but you are NOT allowed to burn Penfold; I need someone my own height other than Sylvia Anderson at shows!!!! @Yvie, you always look amazing, you don't need make-up!
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    Latest Event Announcement

  4. betrayed-deagol

    London Confirmations

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Alex just had a panic as he can't remember whether or not he replied..... he'll do it in a mo when we have finished our game of Frustration with Alice! xxxx
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    Latest Guest Announcement - LEXA DOIG

    GODDAMNIT!!! can't go :-( Oh Mr Murray..................................!
  6. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from Mara

    Thank you for your help and keeping me sane on Saturday! Jody xxxxx
  7. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from PB Jody

    Well, it was a steep learning curve for us all on Saturday; you all did me proud; even when i was freaking out over the size of the queues! Saturday - Claire, Kerri, Cassie, Kady, Kim and Charles - you were amazing! Sah, Kate (i think, i'm sorry, it was so busy i neglected to even ask your name and i feel so incredibly bad about that) - Thank you for letting yourself be dragged over to help! Mara, Too Tall, Jason, Mark and Andrea - Thank you for bailing us all out - the fact that you dropped everything to help showed JUST how fab you organisers truly are! Sunday - Well, i prepared you for the worst.... and it was empty in comparison to the Saturday, i'm sorry if i freaked you out! Naomi, Catia, Chelsea, Sarah-Louise, Marius, Alex, Suzi and Becky - you were immense, you all did so well and i was gutted to have to lose you for either half-days, the auction or to photo distribution! Andrea, Mara and Too Tall - thank you for grabbing me extra crew and being on hand even when we realised it wasn't so bad on the Sunday; you are my rocks! Paul and Davey - Thank you for letting me bug you about random lifting things! Gemma - Thank you for dealing with my random ticket panics!! PB's Chris, Julie, Ian and Idris - thanks for putting up with me and my rambling texts/phonecalls for communication! Shona and Christa - Sorry to leave you in the lurch so much! Wendy - thank you for being my rock and kicking me into gear for the mornings!! Too Tall and Mr Hornby - Thank you for having the confidence in me and giving me the opportunity to do something different; extremely different; and in a red shirt too! I love you all and cannot tell you how happy i was that we all gelled and worked so well together!!!
  8. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from PB Jody

    You are totally welcome! Love to you both! xxxxx
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    New Guest Announcement - Arthur Darvill

    *insert Geek-Gasm here!*
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    Time Quest

  11. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks From Pit Boss Mary

    HOOORAAAAAAAAY! Had a great day with you on Sunday, thank you very much for putting up with my dancing around when ever i was in the pit between white-board runs! xxxx
  12. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from Penfold

    Those Rainbow heels ROCK!!!!
  13. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from pit Boss Mara

    Thanks for a great Saturday, i swear we kept missing eachother all day until we signed out together! lol! J xxx
  14. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from Pit boss Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful Sunday, didnt feel like i was there as i was constantly back and forth to the white board, but i was, really i was!!! xxxx
  15. Best Guest, without a doubt.. Consistantly genuine and friendly in everything he said, it was a case of, if he said it, he meant it and THAT was a refreshing experience in itself. He told the most enthralling stories and the part about arnie and the 'BlowJob' had me almost choking the water from my bottle into my handbag! His old fan club had me out of tissues within a minute of them turning up, i will stay in contact with them as they are so warm and loving, just like the man they all admire so much. I had the pleasure of assisting him on the Saturday and can honestly say that i would do it again in a heartbeat! Best wishes to all, J xxxx
  16. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from Penfold

    *sniggers* Thank you for hugs everytime we passedeachother with nothing in our hands (a rarity that!)
  17. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks! from Danielle

    Thank you so much Danielle, esp. for the Richard Chaves Shoot on Saturday, he said it was amazing and couldn't believe how well-run it was in there!
  18. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from PitBoss Idris

    Gazebo? how many have you got? i need fifteen..... hahahahahaha! Pure Filth! Thanks Idris, you da man!
  19. betrayed-deagol

    i want to give a big thank you to all the crew

    :D thanks
  20. betrayed-deagol

    Thanks from Pitboss Pooks

    YW babes, couldn't have done it without you and your hugs throughout the weekend! Sorry for texting and calling so much on Sat, figured it was quicker than running to you guys! Take care and see you soon, Jody xxxxxxxx
  21. betrayed-deagol

    Any crew travelling up from London on Friday A.M?

    apologies, topic now defunct as i have a room on Thursday night now. J xxx
  22. betrayed-deagol

    Any crew travelling up from London on Friday A.M?

    If anyone would like a 'Train Buddy' or 'Taxi Buddy' to get from the station to the venue, please let me know. Thanks, Jody xxxx
  23. betrayed-deagol

    Crew Transport

    Thanks Guys! (and thank you to Sharon for putting this up, i had this random thought myself yesterday whilst watxching Alice run away from the tide at the beach yesterday, hahahahaha! Photos on FaceCrack later!) xxxx
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    OMG! I EFFING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!