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  1. *hangs head in a suitably ashamed manner as I obviously don't get on line enough* I'll miss you, babe. We have shared some fun times and some very, very hard times over the years; I don't know how I'll cope without you really :-( I'll miss you and will keep in touch..... always! J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Alex, Alice and I will pop in to say Hi to you all...... but you are NOT allowed to burn Penfold; I need someone my own height other than Sylvia Anderson at shows!!!! @Yvie, you always look amazing, you don't need make-up!
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Alex just had a panic as he can't remember whether or not he replied..... he'll do it in a mo when we have finished our game of Frustration with Alice! xxxx
  5. GODDAMNIT!!! can't go :-( Oh Mr Murray..................................!
  6. Thank you for your help and keeping me sane on Saturday! Jody xxxxx
  7. You are totally welcome! Love to you both! xxxxx
  8. Well, it was a steep learning curve for us all on Saturday; you all did me proud; even when i was freaking out over the size of the queues! Saturday - Claire, Kerri, Cassie, Kady, Kim and Charles - you were amazing! Sah, Kate (i think, i'm sorry, it was so busy i neglected to even ask your name and i feel so incredibly bad about that) - Thank you for letting yourself be dragged over to help! Mara, Too Tall, Jason, Mark and Andrea - Thank you for bailing us all out - the fact that you dropped everything to help showed JUST how fab you organisers truly are! Sunday - Well, i prepared you for the worst.... and it was empty in comparison to the Saturday, i'm sorry if i freaked you out! Naomi, Catia, Chelsea, Sarah-Louise, Marius, Alex, Suzi and Becky - you were immense, you all did so well and i was gutted to have to lose you for either half-days, the auction or to photo distribution! Andrea, Mara and Too Tall - thank you for grabbing me extra crew and being on hand even when we realised it wasn't so bad on the Sunday; you are my rocks! Paul and Davey - Thank you for letting me bug you about random lifting things! Gemma - Thank you for dealing with my random ticket panics!! PB's Chris, Julie, Ian and Idris - thanks for putting up with me and my rambling texts/phonecalls for communication! Shona and Christa - Sorry to leave you in the lurch so much! Wendy - thank you for being my rock and kicking me into gear for the mornings!! Too Tall and Mr Hornby - Thank you for having the confidence in me and giving me the opportunity to do something different; extremely different; and in a red shirt too! I love you all and cannot tell you how happy i was that we all gelled and worked so well together!!!
  9. HOOORAAAAAAAAY! Had a great day with you on Sunday, thank you very much for putting up with my dancing around when ever i was in the pit between white-board runs! xxxx
  10. Those Rainbow heels ROCK!!!!
  11. Thanks for a great Saturday, i swear we kept missing eachother all day until we signed out together! lol! J xxx
  12. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday, didnt feel like i was there as i was constantly back and forth to the white board, but i was, really i was!!! xxxx
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