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My kids - proud mum news!


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For those of you who have met my sons



This week i am the proudest mum in the world!



Callum (my mini David Beckham) managed to get his football team to their first ever final in our biggest area tournament - They were narrowly beaten , but the team played fantastically well to get there against some very strong opposition.


Jordan (my mini Christopher Dean) yesterday became the British Junior Solo Ice Dance Champion.


His new partner Emily came 3rd in the primary ladies Championship. They now go on to try and qualify for the couples championship in November, which if they attain the mark needed will lead to British Championships for the couples (which is the first big step to a career in ice skating)



How cool are they both :YAHOO:

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Fantastic news, I bet you are beaming with proudness!!


Congrats to Jordan and Callum, well done boys!! Keep it up! Make you mum even more proud, if that's possible!


Marina xxx

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Thanks for all the well wishes and support you guys have given me



Jordan had another competition yesterday which he came 2nd in - so 3 podiums in 2 weeks aint bad lol, and we now have a possibility of some kind of sponsorship from my dads workplace so keep fingers crossed.



He has recently paired up with a new partner - her name is emily and they now start the run up to British couples with both of them taking tests this week and next.



Here he is with her messing around for photographer at Guildford yesterday(credit for the photo goes to foto solution photography with many thanks.) This is a lift - even if it looks like it was shot from above lol.






Also Callums medal pic( my own photo )



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