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  1. Pooks

    Thanks to all crew

    Ok That was the Lovely Liza, my queue manager:) Not sure she lurks on here but will pass on message! Pooksx
  2. Pooks

    Photoshoot Area A

    Interesting - Not the case. They may have got mixed up, with the names of actors when talking to you. We had alot of very tight shoots. Pooksx
  3. Pooks

    Photoshoot Area A

    As Heather says it was a matter of running behind time and we did catch up. It was only one shoot that was rescheduled and that was Alexander's shoot. Thank you to Tulliver, for your kind words, much appreciated:) Pooksx
  4. Pooks

    Thank you!

    Yunalesca: Thank you for your kind words, a couple of the crew alerted me to this post and I am so glad you had a good time at Chevron. The whole crew at Massive Events do their upmost to make sure that the attendees are having a good time and to make it as enjoyable as possible. I am just happy to be a part of a great team. Misadites: MIsa! I am so glad you got you autograph as well! It was the one with all the guests having signed it correct and I had to check whether or not there was a smudge on it, right? Today back to the day job:) It was a grand weekend though! Pooks x
  5. Pooks

    VIP experience?

    Craig - it was Amazing Elspeth, the Wonderful Jess and the Awesome Jenny! Pooks xx
  6. Pooks

    VIP experience?

    Craig and Elspeth, That is a right bugger! Hope you got back ok! Alright there Dave! Pooks/Kellyx
  7. Hi just checked this:) it has worked for me. Please do try again and let me know if it does not work. When you go to check out after you have selected all the photos you want,you must type the code where it asks in blue. After it is entered press submit and then again press checkout. Hope it works this time:) Pooks
  8. Pooks

    fave song from once more with feeling?

    Under your spell reprise - Amber and Tony - You cannot beat it. plus a little woohoo for I'll Never Tell.
  9. Pooks

    Guest announcement Michael Cochrane

    Bugger - cannot make this one:( hey ho! Love Sir Henry Simmerson! sigh
  10. Pooks

    dame diana rigg

    He was a friend of Diana's and had accompanied her there. He was lovely and his name was Paul. Hugs Pooks x
  11. Pooks

    Thank You Feedback

    Adam you are very welcome - well done! And just so you know the other pit boss was Hannah - she was awesome and did a stunning job. Jackie/Ladyd - Well said that woman! x Kelly/Pooks
  12. Pooks

    Maisie Williams

    I have to agree with the wonderful Big_Pants Masie was adorable, her mother was fantastic. And she seem to really enjoy herself - Love the fact that she got DT photo:) awesome. Definately more GoT guests - Looking forward to Massive events Dark Rising next year.
  13. Pooks

    Event Feedback

    T'was a pleasure Lizzy! Glad you were ok:) ( I was the one sitting next to Diana!) Hi to your other half as well! Pooks x
  14. Pooks

    Bitten 2 Photos from GilesG Photography

    Chummykins - can you email Giles Please on giles@gilesgphotography.co.uk, i promised you those files:) best Pooks!
  15. Pooks

    Season 4 Spoiler Zone

    Ep 7 - NO, NO, NO Alan Ball - Don't you dare! *gulp*