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  1. Hi I was taking cash for Martin Landau and can say that we were checking for tickets and wrist bands, but many of us 'old' crew know a lot of you from the various shows over a few years and/or saw you in the wine reception etc, so wouldn't have always asked, especially first thing. Both Ally (doing cash for Richard Gordon) and I asked a lot of people and made several leave the queue and go out to the registration desk to buy entrance tickets during the day. There may have been some that slipped by, but we were looking! Kirstie
  2. I was working his cash and totally agree with Yvie. All the crew, quite rightly, advised of the rules as we were told them. Karl was lovely (although I pretty much only saw him through the queue!) and hopefully everyone had a great experience with him.
  3. I nearly feel off my chair laughing then!
  4. Hi We were able to check wrist bands and passes as people approached signing tables and photo shoots with very little problem. I only had to ask 3 seperate people to see them when they were not visible. At each morning briefing all crew were reminded of this and it certainly was one of our priotiries this weekend. Thanks Mara In agreement with Mara. We did check and the majority could be seen very easily and therefore no need to ask - although I did for about 4. Kirstie
  5. Oh wow! She is awesome and has done some great stuff as well as stage. Fab!
  6. I want to say thank you to the lovely guy who brought me a cup of tea on Saturday whilst I was taking cashe for Christopher Lambert . Kirstie
  7. You wont escape me completely! Speak soon huni. Kxx
  8. I have to mimic this question, as im actually assuming that this will be done. Pretty much 600 odd tickets have been sold on the strength of RDA being announced in less than a week, I think if (God forbid) he did cancel, and no one was given any kind of refund, there would be a helluva fuss kicked up. I was crewing at the show and this question came up when people were buying tickets. I asked Jason and he said that the normal T&C's would apply. In the situation that RDA was forced to cancel then the additional money would be spent on bringing more guests over. That may have changed since and am sure ME will post if that's the case. Kirstie
  9. kel

    Short Story Competition!

    We're getting lots of entries in . Anyone who wants to know more - please ask! Kirstie
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