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  1. Dragon Home

    Latest Guest Announcement - RYAN GAGE

    Another person for my Hamlet programme thank you - keep the good work up.
  2. Dragon Home

    Guest Cancellation - Richard Briers

    That's one down for me. I was hoping to meet him for my RADA book :-(
  3. Dragon Home

    Event Announcement - Happily Ever After

    Know what I'm doing for my Birthday then.....
  4. Dragon Home

    A literary challenge

    In that case I've only got to read about 50
  5. Dragon Home

    A literary challenge

    What if you've already read the book? Do you have to re-read?
  6. Dragon Home

    Guest announcement Jean Boht

    So, so, funny the way she bellowed that I may have to try and find one of them, just for a laugh - and have some money sticking out of it Brown or White? I have both at home
  7. Dragon Home

    latest guest announcement - DAME DIANA RIGG

    Any chance of pre-orders. I'm not going to apply to crew and not sure if I can get down to this event but would love to get a signature in a book. Anne
  8. Dragon Home

    would you pay this amount to meet these people ?

    Only one I'm interested in is Christopher Lee - not sure if he would sign the photo I have but I could try....
  9. Dragon Home

    Latest Guest Announcement - GUY HENRY

    Do we know days and cost yet? It looks like I may have to email Mr Hornby!
  10. Dragon Home

    Latest Guest Announcement

    Damn you Kirsty - my too read pile is going to get bigger I'll have to bring a second case or leave clothes behind as I'll probably spend a fortune on books. Anne (you know who )
  11. Dragon Home

    Crew Transport

    As a car driver - I'll be happy to take some Crew on Saturday and Sunday to the Stadium. But it will be on a "first come - first serve" basis. I'm on FB - if you contact me and need a lift Saturday or Sunday I can take 3 or 4 in the car, let me know if you want a lift. I'll need to check how long it takes to the Stadium from the Ramada as I like to "be on time" Anne
  12. Dragon Home

    Midlands crew hotel confirmations

    I hadn't heard about my Autographica hotel confirmation and emailed Kirstie - it seems that the system may be eating SM emails again. Thought it was just me the system didn't like. Anne
  13. Dragon Home

    anime anyone

    Thanks - I see what you mean - I'm in my 40's and am shocked by what I read! A
  14. Dragon Home

    anime anyone

    OK I know I'm probably showing my age here but what the heck is a Glomp? I like anime - within reason even have some of the films on my shelf but have never been into it seriously. Anne
  15. Dragon Home

    My Photography Course Images

    The daughter that was at Autographica is only 14 - I understand she does have an older one who is doing her "A" levels (I think) we were talking about her going to Uni on Saturday and also a son. Anne Carolines guest assistant on Sat