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  1. Another person for my Hamlet programme thank you - keep the good work up.
  2. That's one down for me. I was hoping to meet him for my RADA book :-(
  3. In that case I've only got to read about 50
  4. What if you've already read the book? Do you have to re-read?
  5. So, so, funny the way she bellowed that I may have to try and find one of them, just for a laugh - and have some money sticking out of it Brown or White? I have both at home
  6. Any chance of pre-orders. I'm not going to apply to crew and not sure if I can get down to this event but would love to get a signature in a book. Anne
  7. Only one I'm interested in is Christopher Lee - not sure if he would sign the photo I have but I could try....
  8. Do we know days and cost yet? It looks like I may have to email Mr Hornby!
  9. Damn you Kirsty - my too read pile is going to get bigger I'll have to bring a second case or leave clothes behind as I'll probably spend a fortune on books. Anne (you know who )
  10. As a car driver - I'll be happy to take some Crew on Saturday and Sunday to the Stadium. But it will be on a "first come - first serve" basis. I'm on FB - if you contact me and need a lift Saturday or Sunday I can take 3 or 4 in the car, let me know if you want a lift. I'll need to check how long it takes to the Stadium from the Ramada as I like to "be on time" Anne
  11. I hadn't heard about my Autographica hotel confirmation and emailed Kirstie - it seems that the system may be eating SM emails again. Thought it was just me the system didn't like. Anne
  12. Thanks - I see what you mean - I'm in my 40's and am shocked by what I read! A
  13. OK I know I'm probably showing my age here but what the heck is a Glomp? I like anime - within reason even have some of the films on my shelf but have never been into it seriously. Anne
  14. The daughter that was at Autographica is only 14 - I understand she does have an older one who is doing her "A" levels (I think) we were talking about her going to Uni on Saturday and also a son. Anne Carolines guest assistant on Sat
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