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  2. I would love to see more people from the MCU. For me, from Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. But i wouldnt say no no people like Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and those from the Captain America movies! :)
  3. Thank you! I thought that might be the case. Not gonna lie, I did start to worry now I've bought 3 tickets XD
  4. Is the £1 fee for Brighton tickets instead of the £2.50 Validation fee for 2015 LFCC?
  5. Marvel MCU Hayley Atwell Chris Evans Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie Jeremy Renner Emily VanCamp Paul Bettany Cobie Smulders Chloe Bennett Clark Gregg Ming-Na Wen Brett Dalton Elizabeth Henstridge Iain De Caestecker Adrianne Palicki Nick Blood BJ Britt Chad Michael Murray James D'Arcy Enver Gjokaj Dominic Cooper Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons Johnny Galecki Simon Helberg Mayim Bialik Melissa Rauch Kunaal Nayyar Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Power Rangers Blake Foster Nakia Burrise Kevin Kleinburg Deborah Estelle Phillips Jason Faunt Erin Cahill Michael Copon Dan Southworth Vernon Wells Torchwood/DoctorWho/Arrow/Broadchurch/Ashes To Ashes Eve Myles David Tennant Olivia Coleman John Barrowman Keeley Hawes Wentworth Prison Danielle Cormack Nicole De Silva Pamala Rabe Socratis Otto Libby Tanner
  6. I'm trying to purchase my photoshoot ticket for Maya but she is not on the price list... Will this be rectified in due course??
  7. SO please with this!!!!! I mean its sad that "LFCCW" couldn't take place but, Im so thrilled theres a Con in Brighton - being a local bird. Plus it gives those who live nearer the south coast a chance to access Cons like this. It's sods law for those who were proactive to get nice cheap deals on accommodation and transport. It really is, But you really cannot predict or guess the future ://
  8. That's exactly what I though I know she had been a signing machine and by all accounts did one of the highest numbers of autos throughout the weekend so I understood. She Tweeted after LFCC that she was Jet Lagged. To be Honest, she was once in San Diego and then London quite quickly. I never spoke to her, but she smiled sincerely so.. im happy XD
  9. Oh my goodness, she was just perfection! She made me feel so welcome and was in awe of her fans! She has the nicest of hugs and made life so much better! She is so grateful to all her fans and at one point we were both thanking each other!!!! she was SUCH a delight and wonderful!! the perfect guest! as far as I'm concerned, she is welcome back ANY time!!!!!!!!! Along with Jason Faunt, JDF, Steve and More Power Rangers casts please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks XD
  10. Well, Thats a bit disheartening for Sigourney Weaver fans ://
  11. Hi, On Instagram JDF wrote out his schedule for the weekend. https://instagram.com/p/5ODJovDsnE/?taken-by=jdfffn I know this doesnt answer your real question but i do hope it helps you in some way :)
  12. Yeah I thought so! Thanks Stuart! This is going to be a fab weekend!!
  13. Yes they will Which day is your clash? Actually My clash is with Erin not Jason but its still a clash! LOL My clash is on Sunday. Erin's at 13:30 and Steve is at 13:35 and then Jason Faunt is 13:40 :) Thanks Stuart!
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