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  1. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - LEE TOWNSEND Artist: 2000 AD Attending Saturday & Sunday PROBABLY best-known for his contributions to such 2000 AD strips as Bison,Synammon and Breathing Space, Lee Townsend began his comics career in 2000 providing inks to the last three issues of Gary Frank’s Image/Top Cow six-parter, Kin. The artist, who had a brief stint working in animation for Dreamworks and Disney, has since provided finishes for a variety of titles, Judge Dredd Megazine, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Rampage, Transformers: Armada and Panini UK’s Spider-Manamong them. The in
  2. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Nigel Parkinson Attending: Saturday Only DENNIS the Menace has featured heavily in Nigel Parkinson's output since 1999, when he became one of the main artists drawing DC Thomson's archetypal badly behaved schoolboy in the pages of The Beano. Since 2012, when he also took over the comic's Minnie the Minx series, he has been the sole artist on the strip but, in a career dating back to 1980 he has illustrated stories of many other characters. For DC Thomson alone he has worked on Beaginnings, which featured the misadventures of Dennis's si
  3. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - NIKA NARTOVA Colourist: The Beano Attending: Saturday Only ALTHOUGH she colours a variety of stories in The Beano, Nika Nartova is best known for working alongside Nigel Parkinson. She has been colouring the artist's strips not only for The Beano but also for The Dandy and other comics since 2005.
  4. Designer: Sex; Gødland OVER the past four years, Sonia Harris has collaborated constantly with Joe Casey. She has worked on all the writer's creator-owned projects since 2013, primarily as a designer but also producing logos and lettering as well as making other contributions to the look of his comics. At Image her credits include Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker, The Bounce, Officer Downe, Sex,Gødland, Nixon's Pals and Valhalla Mad as well as Grim Leaper, an Image/Shadowline mini not written by Casey. Beyond Image, she has worked on Casey's Captain Victory and the Galactic Ra
  5. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Joe Casey Creator: Ben 10; Generation X Writer: Sex; Gødland; Cable; Wildcats; Deathlok; Adventures of Superman; Uncanny X-Men; Automatic Kafka; X-Men: Children of the Atom; Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes; Fantastic Four: First Family TODAY Joe Casey is known for his work in TV animation, particularly as part of Man of Action Studios, which created Ben 10 and Generation Rex for Cartoon Network as well as Marvel's Big Hero Six, which formed the basis of the 2014 Disney animated movie of the same name. Along with his studio partners – Joe K
  6. Below is the programming for the Comic Zone FRIDAY 12:00 JUDGE MINTY: SCREENING: A fan film featuring an aging Judge who decides to retire. As required by the Law, he must take the Long Walk out into the Cursed Earth. Directed by Steven Sterlacchini, the film stars Edmund Dehn as the titular lawmaker. We thank 2000 AD publishers, Rebellion for permission to show this movie. (27 minutes) 1:00 THE FUTURE OF COMICBOOK MOVIES: A panel of guests offer their thoughts on the way ahead for superhero films. Will boom turn to bust? Will TV supplant the big screen? Will producers stop mini
  7. Thanks to our guests, we have been able to expand to a full three days of portfolio reviews this year. Each session is an hour long. Artists wishing to have their work critiqued should pick up a ticket from the Comic Zone information booth, which is adjacent to the room set aside for the portfolio reviews. FRIDAY 11 Takeshi Miyazawa & Todd Nauck 12 David Baldeon & Lee Ferguson 1 Kyle Hotz & Will Simpson 2 Carlos Ezquerra & Georges Jeanty 3 Karen Berger & Richard Bruning 4 Vanesa Del Rey & Dave Johnson 5
  8. Due to unforseen circumstances Lew is no longer able to attend. We hope to have him at a show in the future.
  9. Due to unforseen circumstances Rich is no longer able to attend. We hope to have him at a show in the future
  10. This year’s London Film and Comic Con Magazine is an 84-pager packed with features. Showcased are such guests as Famke Janssen, Dolph Lundgren, Mads Mikkelsen, Ron Perlman and Jeremy Renner as well as on the WWE Hall of Fame stars in attendance. Also included are articles on the Assassin’s Creed, Star Trek Beyond, Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them and Suicide Squad movies, DC superheroes on TV and board games. It also contains histories of Godzilla on the big screen and Star Wars video games. From 8:00:am to 11:00AM, the £5 magazine will be on sale to those queuing. Inside it will
  11. 2000 AD publisher Rebellion has kindly given permission for the Judge Minty movie to be screened at this year’s London Film and Comic Con. The authorised fan film (which runs 27 minutes) is set in Mega City One, the futuristic setting created by John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra. It focuses on Minty, an aging Judge who decides to retire. As required by the Law, he must take the Long Walk out into the Cursed Earth, a wasteland teeming with mutants, savage gangs and beasts where anarchy holds sway. Directed by Steven Sterlacchini, the film stars Edmund Dehn as the titular lawmaker. Scre
  12. A vast array of costumes, guns and props from 2012s Dredd movie will be on display at London Film and Comic Con. Hosted in the Comic Zone across all three days, the Andy Mansion Collection features the screen-used Lawmaster motorbike ridden by Karl Urban and full Judges costumes. Attendees can get themselves photographed with the Lawmaster at any time during the shows opening hours for £5. Dredd co-creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra will also make themselves available for a £10 photoshoot that includes Dredds iconic bike. Update 29/07 - **Please note attendees will be photographe
  13. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Will Simpson Storyboard artist: Game of Thrones Attending: Saturday & Sunday FOUR years after contributing to the first three issues of Ximoc – a comiczine launched in 1980 by fans in his native Belfast – Will Simpson began his professional career, drawing Big Ben for Warrior. Work for 2000 AD, Toxic and a variety of Marvel UK titles swiftly followed until, in 1991, he was approached by DC/Vertigo to work on Hellblazer. Three years later, after a diversion to draw 1993’s Alien: Rogue four-parter for Dark Horse, he illustrated the fi
  14. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Chris Geary Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Writer/artist: International Aces; Aces Weekly IN 2010, after three years contributing to such British small press titles as FutureQuake and Zarjaz, Chris Geary embarked on International Aces. An ambitious four-volume graphic novel series recounting the true stories of the top pilots of World War I, it was released in 2013 as was Commitment, a graphic novel/guide to risk management that he co-authored and drew. Geary is also a regular contributor to the digital comics art ma
  15. Sadly Mike is no longer able to attend London Film and Comic Con 2016. We hope to have him at a show in the future.
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