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  1. yes yes yes Bruce was always busy doing Burn Notice but now he isnt we might have a change just keep requesting him/them
  2. I have to say I disagree I know the main cast would have helped with the ticket sales but if you had got some of the smaller cast who have been in other fandoms too you could have sold a lot of tickets to make the event a success, I'm sad to hear this news and the reason :-( Hope you will still try for some of the rest of the cast for other events
  3. Excited to know what the party theme will be there's so many good choices!
  4. I would love to meet Sebastian Roche!
  5. that's the great thing about this cast so many of them have a good cross over with the other shows they have been in!
  6. Also I haven't posted the character names for the season 2 actors just in case anyone hasn't seen the episodes yet and doesn't want spoilers!
  7. I've made a quick poll to see what everyone thinks about having season 2 guests attend, I know it hasn't aired in the UK yet but I know a lot of people are up to date so place your votes here if you want to see season two guests and who you would like to see also which smaller guests from the show you would be happy to see attend! I've left the poll open so you can vote for as many as you like! if there is anyone I have forgot to add to the list please mention below too I haven't included the main cast to this poll as I know we would all love to meet them and they are included in the previous poll.
  8. I'm just bringing this back up! season two is amazing and I think we need the whole cast from both one and two over! Or at least just Evan Peters ;-)
  9. would be amazing the whole cast is amazing! dont forget Chris Hardwick and Rainn Wilson too they both pretty much started off in this film!
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