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  1. Afternoon all, I'm just preparing my cosplayish outfit for the Sunday of LFCC and realised I've gone quite niche. And by quite I think I actually mean extremely! So is anyone a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or is my outfit going to be extremely confusing for every single person I meet as I'm kinda doing a Joel thing (but in a dress because I refuse to melt in a jumpsuit at Olympia)?
  2. Paused on working on a sketch to continuously press refresh...its a rock and roll kinda friday night...
  3. That seems a tad extreme this soon after the event, you need to email them at the address previously given and they will get back to you as soon as they can. They had many guest cancellations and will be doing the best they can to process the refunds but they are only human, it will take a little time. In the past I've had my refunds within 2 weeks of the event so it's not time to panic just yet, it will come.
  4. Should've posted this days ago but was busy enjoying my annual leave (Ie reading comic books, watching horror films and sleeping late). Essentially just a big thank you to showmasters and the crew for a lovely EMS, yes, it was a little quieter than last year, but I appreciated that as it puts you under less stress when going round. I got to meet everyone I had wanted to by 4pm and had a good laugh with the guests (Especially Craig Charles and Frank Bruno who are utterly hilarious and charming). The new photo system is great, I actually ended up having to have two reshoots for Matt Smith (Don't ask it was like something out of a bad sitcom), but the instant photos and the great crew staffing photoshoot A meant I was able to get it sorted during the afternoon session and go home happy. Crew of course as always were great, it's nice to have a natter with them - even if I did find out that apparently my experience at LFCC with a certain Scrubs cast member has been talked about on here and is still remembered now (And I thought not putting that photo up taken with his hand pointing down my top would avoid that - doh!). I will admit I was a bit bummed that a certain photographer wasn't there as I always got great photos from them and always felt at ease but having read your things about the new photo system I presume this was someone who wasn't keen so that's just the way it goes, looking forward to all the new photographers and their different styles. So all in all good job guys, I only do this and LFCC as time and money means any more would be impossible but I had such a smile on my face from the day down to all of you!
  5. I'd like to see more of the cast of Sons Of Anarchy please (Mitch was great, though I know the majority of people were there for his work on the X Files), NCIS and Big Bang Theory guests would be great too. Plus The Walking Dead. Oh and some more comic book guests would be nice, it's getting better but there's still room for improvement there.
  6. He was absolutely brilliant, had a good chat and a joke with him over the weekend and got a great sketch by him. It was a lovely surprise to se him come back on sunday as he was doing so well (And glad for him he managed to bring more pens to get on with his commissions with!).
  7. Oh god yes, took a while at one point to get to one of my photos because of that which was just barmy, but it happens at every con so you just take a deep breath and bear with it. I'd say the only feedback needed really, which I also put on the twitter page was that a lot of the VT signs telling you which numbers were allowed in the queue were written in a bright green colour rather than black - Now I apologise to those over the weekend who may have had to walk around me to get to their queues because I was checking certain ones every 10 minutes but I had to get that close to the signs because with my eyesight I honestly cannot read green pen from further away. If they could please be written up in black next time I'd be eternally grateful, as will everyone trying to queue because I won't have to keep taking up space that they could be standing in lol!
  8. You do have the option of having your photos being posted to you if you don't want to stay to the end of the convention time, I know it's obviously frustrating if there is a problem with a photo batch being printed but if you want to leave you just fill out the form and they come about a week later - I really don't think they can do much better than that because as you yourself mention it is a large convention meaning they are dealing with thousands of people, thousands of photos and technology that as we all know isn't perfect by any means (Because technology never is lol). I'm sorry you feel that they are the reason you had to miss your meal, but the staff are very professional and always do their bit to help and advise you. As soon as my last shoot ends I go to the photo tables and ask for a rough estimate on print returns and then pop back every now and then to check. If it doesn't look like they are going to come and I want to leave early I tell them and they give me the form to fill in for posting them to me. No system can be perfect but they work very hard and do their utmost to get everything done as soon as they can.
  9. Love love love the film to the point where I've forced people who haven't seen it to watch it!
  10. That was very much okay though, because it meant David Tennant turned up in shorts XD
  11. Well that was the last guest I had a ticket left for on Saturday after all the cancellations. Looks like I will be spending vast amounts of time in a pub that day eh?
  12. Awesome, just seen this and will have to pop over to him, cockeys vs zombies was hilarious :)
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