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  1. Still waiting on my Peter serafinowicz Friday refund,been a week would of hoped to of received it by now.
  2. I assume I’ll still get a refund for my photoshoot ticket today then.
  3. David naughton michael carter William Zabka martin kove leslie easterbrook
  4. Just a thought but would it still be possible to have a spot/set up for her with a book of condolences? Might be a nice touch
  5. Kevin Peter Hall I’ve always imagined that if hadn’t of passed away,he would be a regular and firm favourite on the convention scene,in every interview I’ve watched of him speaking,he seems so down to earth and friendly.
  6. BRilliant guest.. he was also ‘inside’ the Chet turned poo thing in weird science so will definitely be meeting him for that : )
  7. One of my absolute dream guests and can't wait to meet her,the office is my favourite show ever and to meet Lucy will be immense! Hoping for Mackenzie crook and martin freeman now too :)
  8. I agree William is a class act if you ever get the opportunity,go to one of his 'evening with' type events,absolutely immense and hilarious
  9. Noah Hathaway would be a nice return guest
  10. Corey Feldman sean Astin josh brolin kerri green Martha plimpton key huy quan jeff cohen robert Davi see where im going with this?
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