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  1. Lost Girl cast! (Espescially Zoie Palmer, Kris Holden-Reid, Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo..) Also, what about Melissa Joan Hart? I know loads of kids who loved Sabrina in the 90's would love to meet her.
  2. Actually, my partner and a few friends crew for Showmasters and there is a very good reason they get to jump the queue.. Because they are working... All Day. They obviously get breaks for lunch and the bathroom etc but they have to also use those times to get the autographs/photos they have planned/booked in. If the area they are working on becomes quiet for a few minutes their Pit Boss will say "Ok, since it's quiet go try and get your autographs and come straight back." This is why they can't queue up and wait like everyone else and personally I think it's perfectly reasonable. They need to
  3. The best forum/group to check out is UKC (https://www.facebook.com/unitedkingdomcosplay). It's the biggest and most helpful cosplay community for all of the UK. You have to request to be added to the group but don't let that put you off, it's just so the mods can check you are a real person/not someone just out to troll people or cause trouble. The mods are friends of mine and they are very welcoming and try to make sure spammers don't add themselves to the group. :-)
  4. I have no idea what I'm wearing sunday but I'm very excited about my Saturday costume, which hopefully (if I finish it well and on time) will be Morticia Addams with a friend as my Gomez. Childhood dream. :-)
  5. Neve McIntosh. :-) Because my friends just got me into Dr Who and I'm a little in love with Vastra and Jenny. ;-) I saw "the Trio" were at WLFCC last year and I was there but wasn't into Who then!
  6. Ack, sorry no, although it was good to see you all again last week. I wish we'd had more time to talk but I was concious the longer we were holding you up the more people were joining the back of Summer's queue! Hope you got to meet her. That's ok. :-) Was so nice to see you again too. We saw you and Ellie leaving after seeing Summer. She looked VERY happy. :-D
  7. Don't suppose anyone got a picture of my sister as Venellope von Schweetz from Wrek it Ralph on saturday? (We saw two other Venellope's but she was the one with the giant cookie). She took some really sweet pictures with little kids throughout the day. I'd love to see some of those! She was also Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken 6 on sunday. I was Agent Victoria Hand from SHIELD and Knockout (DC Comics character that most people thought was Poison Ivy or FemArrow as it's green a green leotard, red hair and a domino mask. lol).
  8. Gail Simone! I've met her before and she's always lovely but the 10 to 15 of us that managed to get to her "talk" on sunday (which got moved from a real stage to a huddle around a table in the corner of Brompton Hall) had a wonderful intimate time and learned a "SEEEECRET" (<-- If you weren't there you won't get that). Both Gail and her husband are always wonderful, I just wish SM's would make more of her as a guest.
  9. Omg.. honey you made me cry. I'm the Morrigan that you carried and I love how much it means to you because of why you wanted to do that. I suffer with depression (not so much anxiety but I'm not great socially except at cons) and my time at cons seeing the many friends I've made through them and cosplaying is my little bit of happiness in between my bad times. Talking about it helps and you find out just how many other people deal with it and are on medication and in therapy etc. It's not abnormal to suffer in this way, in fact it seems the majority of people do. Next time you're havin
  10. That would be me. :-) I'm the guy with the hat. :-) You asked to see a certain photo of us that we posed for on Sunday. But, well, I'm not too keen on my face being on a public forum. Is there an address I can send it to or a facebook profile we can use for private correspondance or something? Hi :-) Awe, I'd love to put it on FB or something but if you don't want that then I won't (also I came across your flickr of hat photos the other day-I know I've done it a few times at different cons for you. lol - awesome album! Lots of celebs). Um you could PM me at my cosplay
  11. I'm a little worried about this too. I figure they'll arrive soon but usually I recieve them quicker so just had a panic and had to check that my order last week went through. It did so I will hope they arrive soon.
  12. Just got confirmation that a new cowl I got comisioned for Batwoman will be posted in the next few days so I'll definitely be Batwoman on saturday. :-D No idea what to wear on sunday though. I'm tempted to re-wear Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins.. Hmm
  13. I absolutely agree. I had a great time so I'm not at all moaning but it was so so congested. I felt so over-heated in my costume right away and found it hard to walk through crowds without knocking people with parts of my costume. I knwo that's my fault for wearing a costume but as there are quite a few cosplayers I know I'm not hte only one who had a hard time. Also not being able to dump my huge bag in a cloak room was tough on the arm muscles. lol
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