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  1. Ok, ,cheers guys. I'm looking forward to just being able to meet people and take it all in rather than, interviews where you are limited in questions.
  2. will this work for sure?
  3. I received my tickets today, and have been sent the wrong tickets. Instead of I family ticket, I have been send a standard entry ticket. What do I do, please help
  4. Ahh, nope, just keep getting delivery failure messages. I'm guessing I won't be part of the team. Bad times.
  5. Every time I try and send an email, I am getting Delivery Failure notices. Heeeelp, I want to be there.
  6. nollins

    Dredd 3D

    I was lucky enough to see the movie 2 weeks prior to the release, and was stunned and how good it was. I agree with the whole 18 rating, and asked both Karl Urban and Alex Garland if that was something they set out to achieve, an the simple answer was, yes. feel free to check out my interviews: Alex Garland; http://www.mcmbuzz.com/2012/09/07/alex-garland-interview/ Karl Urban: http://www.mcmbuzz.com/2012/09/07/karl-urban-interview-having-a-chin-wag-with-the-judge/
  7. Having voted for; Secret Circle, Star Wars & Supernatural, i would also like to add Harry Potter and Rd dwarf to my votes, haha i'm kind of greddy that way. How about a Batman event, featuring stars from a the films, tv series, voice actors from animated shows and games as well as Writers, artists and such from the comics. That would be awesome
  8. It's gotta be Southampton for me, and being from Pompey, i find it hard to vote for Southampton in anything, but it would so convinient. It would cut down on all the travelling, which i personally don't mind, but the kids struggle a little with travel sickness. Also Southampton have nothing like this, so the event would have an air of uniquity about it. Bring on Southampton (Never thought i'd say that)
  9. nollins

    Dredd 3D

    It is brilliant. There are a few places across the UK that are showing i in 2D, here is a list of those places http://film.list.co.uk/article/45206-dredd-2d-screenings-around-the-uk/
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