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  1. more controlled today got there at 7.50am to get early bird got in at 9.10 better then yesterday
  2. can i pay for early bird when i get there
  3. what happens about photoshoots that people missed today cause of queueing
  4. got photoshoot ticket for slavitza jovan but was still waiting in queue then told by staff not allowing anybody in try tomorrow please ehlp
  5. still waiting for my tickets if lost can someone still use those tickets
  6. question if me and four friends all have our photo taken with the tardis do we all get 5 seperate photos ??
  7. hi when will the refunds be sorted for the photoshoot please
  8. hi ordered tickets last wednesday still not been dispatched
  9. hi bought tickets the other day just wondering if i will receive by next weekend ????
  10. do i have to pay extra to sign personal items
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