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  1. I agree with you that waiting until the details were ironed out would have been brought more clarity. On the other hand I can understand why Jason would like to get some information out about his intentions. After all there are umpteen pages on the 2014 forum about how something needs to be done and how Showmasters should respond. As to the typographics I seem to recall it being mentioned a few years ago that Jason suffers from dyslexia.
  2. What about that actress that cancelled this year? Natalie someone? No one seems to have mentioned her yet.
  3. The Range do an excellent variety of frames that look pretty good for the price. If I recall correctly the size you want starts from about 3.50. How do we keep ours? If we have an auto and a photoshoot then framed together and hung on the hallway stair wall.
  4. Ack, sorry no, although it was good to see you all again last week. I wish we'd had more time to talk but I was concious the longer we were holding you up the more people were joining the back of Summer's queue! Hope you got to meet her.
  5. "For the people" We are not a communist or socialist country! Oh do please stop trolling - your "loadsamoney" posts are getting terribly tedious. Any liberal market economy, like the UKs, can and does operate a variety of economic systems in order to meet economic, legislative and social demands. It wasn't unreasonable for the OP to suggest, especially as SM have positioned themselves as fans themselves operating on a collective model, that future events should be geared around giving the widest number of people the best experience available.
  6. A lot depends on your costume to be honest. We've done both (going up in costume/getting changed there). If you don't feel your costume is practical enough to go in, it's really not that big a hassle getting changed on site (there are changing rooms provided and there's always the loos!) but if you do this, get your tickets and any virtual tickets first. This is key!
  7. If you're coming in at Victoria you might be better off getting a day travelpass and just using the tube. With a station at Earls Court you're practically dropped off at the entrance and although 2.5 miles might not seem far, at the end of a long day walking around the hall (and perhaps carrying lots of swag you've bought), you might not really feel like walking that distance back at the end of it.
  8. There's quite a few out there but Cosplay Island seems to be the most UK focussed and is quite friendly to boot.
  9. Well, there's going to be a hit girl there so we'll watch out for you...
  10. Agreed - is it really 10 years. Eep. But some BSG guests would be so welcome.
  11. Lucky, lucky, lucky - not jealous.......well, maybe a bit. Ok, quite a bit.
  12. Yep, 2011 was quite a good year. Richard Hatch, Luciana Carro and Mark Sheppard - just don't mention Mr Hogan......
  13. Ack, no worries (although it is worrying how quickly a year goes by!). Looking forward to seeing you guys too, take care and see you all soon.
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