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  1. its a great idea though I'd expand it to having a costume try on area. So you'd have the make up/face painting booth but also have a selection of movie costumes you can try on for a photo shoot. Of course the ideal situation is people cosplaying anyway but for those who don't naturally cosplay might be fun with a backdrop :)
  2. gaming voice actors? Ellen Mclain (portal), rachel lee cook (FF8), Tara Strong (Lollypop Chainsaw), Charles Martinet (Mario), Ryan Drummond (Sonic)
  3. It's here again!!! Post progress here :)
  4. Happy to be involved if created
  5. Zonic


    Here it is post away your progress
  6. Zonic


    Here's the topic again Post your progress and pictures here. I'll be organizing the masquerade so do ask those questions too. Looking forward to seeing you all my cosplays will be Jem and the Holograms and Candy Cane from rumble roses. Cheers Zonic
  7. More than one anime guest please. It seems every year we only have one can't we get a whole section like the comic guests! If anime is going to have its own area it needs to be MUCH bigger. Same with cosplay. We need to not just have one but a variety of guests for the section to work. I like the gamerbus though thats a cool thing to have at the con and keeps it all in one :)
  8. Yuri from angel beats and Sophie Sherdian (Mammia mia) are my personal choices :)
  9. If there's enough interest we'll make it more prominent :)
  10. If I wasn't crewing I'd be going as ash ketchum and Wizadora.
  11. Post your suggestions here! My personal are: Lex Laura Sindall Sketch McDraw Xaereal Nomes Enja Karen Dawson Alias Tigerlilly SJ Bonner Frederica La Noir Adelaide Phillipe Tab Kimpton Yuka EJ Sephirayne Dragonfly FairyPorchQueen Anna S and from the other side of the pond: Yaya Han Jessica Nigri Peter Olsson Jeff Siegert Anthony Misiano Teh Princess Eliffi Kamuni And from Japan: Kaname
  12. It'll be up soon I imagine. If not read the rules on the cosplay section as I imagine its the same
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