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  1. jacquiconnell

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Mark Hamill Jodie Whitaker James Gunn Sean Gunn Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Karen Gillan Chris Pratt All cast of Line of Duty
  2. jacquiconnell

    Matt Smith TARDIS shoot an HOUR late

    We did NOT leave early, the photo shoot was due to be 5:00-6:00 and as Batch 2 I thought we would be through by 6:00!!!!
  3. jacquiconnell

    Matt Smith TARDIS shoot an HOUR late

    Matt Smith being massively late to his Tardis shoot meant that we had to leave to catch our train and missed Christopher Eccleston (which was the main reason we came!). The crew at the Green Screen felt everything was fine because we would all get our photos...if we were free to stay (which we weren’t). It ruined the weekend for me - it was the only time Christopher has done this type of event and we feel we have lost our only chance to have a photo with him. I planned the day VERY carefully and allowed an hour to get to Paddington after the end of the shoot. So I have lost this special opportunity AND the Tardis shoot cost. Gutted. Will not be doing another Showmasters event.
  4. jacquiconnell


    Does anyone know if photo shoots can be transferred????? This is really important because it might be necessary to transfer my ticket to s friend.....
  5. jacquiconnell

    Destination Star Trek Europe 2016

    When are we going to have photo shoot timetables produced for Sunday? It is a week away and I can't book train tickets in case I miss an expensive photo shoot!! I can't afford to lose out on train fare or photo shoots!
  6. jacquiconnell

    The 5 day countdown to CFCC has started...

    Sorry, but need photo shoot timetable to know when to book train!!!
  7. jacquiconnell

    Latest Guest Announcement - CRAIG CHARLES

    Hope he turns up! He cancelled last time!
  8. I have tickets for a photo shoot on Sunday with: Red Dwarf Group Craig Charles Chris Barrie and I still have a ticket for Danny John Jules...what is happening with these?
  9. jacquiconnell

    Latest Event Announcement - Torchwood Tour

    I would just like to add my support for providing us with some advance notice - I have been checking several times a day since January!! It was very disappointing to come home from work and find after all that time I had missed them!!
  10. jacquiconnell

    Anyone know when photo's will be posted out?

    Yes, DT photos arrived today - you are super quick and efficient!!!!! Well done to you eagle-eyed detectives, matching up photos to descriptions...do you work in CID as your daytime jobs by any chance????Well done and that you ever so muchly!!!
  11. jacquiconnell

    Dr Who Talk

    The sunday talk with Caitlin Blackwood, Frances Barber and Georgia Moffet was great!! They were all quite candid and relaxed. Frances Barber is a very funny and entertaining lady!! We learned that Caitlin's favourite doctor is NOT Matt Smith, but in fact David Tennant (everyone cheered!). She also revealed that her favourite companion is Catherine Tate, not her cousin Karen!!! Her funniest moment was when she was "asleep"on her suitcase and Matt went to pick her up, he split his trousers!!! Georgia Moffet revealed that her daughter Olive will not be allowed to be a Time Lord until she is at least 5 years old...time lord genes are rife in that poor baby!! Does this help?
  12. jacquiconnell

    any one think evanna lynch was brilliant?

    Evanna was magick!!!! She was so warm and friendly - a lovely girl.
  13. jacquiconnell

    Thank You Feedback

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the crew and the guests at the EMS this weekend. I was a newbie yesterday on Sunday and was more than adequately prepared for everything by the forums here.The staff managing the queues were great and we managed to get to all the photoshoots we booked. The Doctor Who talk was very relaxed and entertaining - the 3 of them were very funny. The whole day went smoothly...except for collecting the photos, which weren't available but I have every faith they will turn up on my door mat eventually...when they have all been hand sorted by some very tired people!!! Thanks everyone for making the show so great for this newbie, her partner and 11 year old son!
  14. jacquiconnell

    this years Entertainment Media Show is at

    Is there a floor plan so we know where to head? I am having to cut my timings very closely and will need to get to photo area B as soon as I get through the doors - any chance of knowing ahead of time how far it is from the entrance and where to go? I am happy to ask on the day, but it would be nice to be knowledgeable..
  15. jacquiconnell


    I think the general advice is to say go to the shorter shoot first, in the case the Caitlin one, however, as soon as you arrive at the first shoot tell the crew, and they will probably get you through her shoot fast to make sure you get to the David shoot in plenty of time. The rule of thumb is if in doubt ask the crew, as they always amazingly helpful! Thanks- that is what Ishall have to do!! It is all going to be such a mad rush, but then I suspect(as a newbie) that is all part of the frantic,manic fun...