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  1. I'm curious about this and the Hogwarts photo too.
  2. A couple of inches across, not massive but certainly noticeable. The worst one is the jurassic park photo because it covers up a fair bit of the body of the velociraptor, so that can't really be cropped out.
  3. It's not a theme park though, is a convention where we're used to not having the logo on our photos. The £5 photos are of course good value, but I'd still rather the logo not be there. The logo was also on the £30 Amanda Tapping green screen photo by the way.
  4. Thanks, that's good to know. Not sure why they're necessary on the green screen photos though? I'm hoping they aren't used again in future.
  5. I only had green screen photos this event so I'm not sure if this affected normal photo shoots too, but is having the Showmasters logo on photos a normal thing now? As I said, I'm not sure if they're on regular photo shoots now and I'd hope not, but I'd much prefer this not to appear on any photos, including the green screen ones. It might seem like a small issue, but I don't see why it needs to be there. It's not like I'm going to forget where it was taken (not that I really need to remember) and you don't need to advertise your name on our photo shoots, we know you exist and can tell people about your events without your name being on our photos. It ruins the picture as far as I'm concerned so we either have to live with it, crop it out or edit it out, so I'd prefer it not be there in the first place, please?
  6. Thanks, so which queue should I join? The pay on the day queue as Dannycarroll2007 suggested, or the prepaid queue as I'd normally use with a ticket?
  7. Should I just join the queue as usual? The crew on the doors tend to be in a rush to let people in and probably won't want to be held up trying to sort it out.
  8. I bought and received my ticket a while ago now, but I've somehow only just noticed I've been sent the wrong one. I ordered an early bird for the Saturday of WLFCC, I've been sent an early bird for the Saturday of Newcastle Film and Comic Con It has come with an A4 piece of paper that has my correct order on, but if I tell the crew on the day they may not believe me, thinking I just want to swap a Newcastle ticket for a London ticket? Any suggestions on what to do? It's a bit close to the event now so I'm guessing I won't receive an email response if I contacted Showmasters directly.
  9. Same here, I knew she'd be one of the busy ones, surprised at all the surprise in this thread too (other than your surprise ).
  10. There was still plenty of room there, I think the signing areas need moving back to spread out the dealers, they get far too crowded.
  11. I've not met any Battlestar Galactica guests before but as there's two big ones at this event, I was considering starting a cast shot to be autographed if there's any decent ones being sold by dealers. I'm just wondering though, have many of the actors been over before and is there much chance of all the others coming over? I know many actors from other shows aren't expected or are rare, so just wondering what people think about BSG actors? If there might be a problem meeting them all I'll probably just get individual photos for them to sign, but I do like a good full cast image.
  12. Thanks everyone. Hopefully they still have some left by the time I buy tickets on Friday then!
  13. Thanks. Do you think I still have a good chance to get them then? Was the Battlestar talk not sold online?
  14. I've not been very organised this year and the event has come around quicker than expected, meaning I've missed the chance to buy tickets online as I usually do. I'm considering getting photo shoots for Summer Glau and John Hurt. I don't mind which days as I'm attending all 3. Does anyone know if these sold out, or if they're likely to, as I'll have to buy the tickets at the weekend? Also, I can't find any mention on the forum how much the Battlestar talk costs, does anyone know? Thanks
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