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  1. GodAtum

    What We Left Behind World Premiere

    Does the Admiral VIP Package have this included?
  2. GodAtum

    Guest suggestions.

    What's the likelihood of anyone form Discovery appearing? I think they should as it the new Star Trek!
  3. Hi all, I'm trying next year to get into filming these conventions a lo more. I know I can film for personal use on Youtube, but might I need organiser's permission if I have a pro camera? Having played about with a Red Raven and Blackmagic Ursa Mini, i was thinking of taking one to film. Obviously they are a lot less discrete then a DSLR. Do I need permission for a monopod or shoulder rig?
  4. How was your expereince of the queues, did you get to the front without hassle? Did you get a front-row seat for all the talks?
  5. Anyone else who got this package? After paying £3000 was it worth it?
  6. Other official events tend to have major input from the current production companies, or current licence holders, in other words someone in an official capacity to make announcements. Sherlocked can do this. Destinations don't seem to have quite the same access. yeah its a shame. how official is destination?
  7. At another event, there is always exclusives and sneak peeks revealed of new stuff. Is this the same with previous DSTs? I would be nice to get an exclusive trailer of a new movie or an episode of the new TV series.
  8. GodAtum

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At some shows there are medical passes, so maybe that could be implemented, especially for those with unseen disabilities? How many VIP Admiral tickets are allocated? A dozen, few dozen, 100? Are the reserved seats in the front row? Are the Shatner show tickets included?
  9. How come no guests from the new movies ever come to these?
  10. GodAtum


    Yes, just follow the signs down some stairs. I think they charge £1.
  11. GodAtum

    VIP tickets

    Hi, Do the VIP tickets allow autograph and photo shoot queue skipping? Is the Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss round table chat a table or are they on a big stage? Thanks in advance for any help :)
  12. GodAtum

    benedict cumberbatch query

    is that wrong? it says here http://www.sherlocked.com/index.php/features/35-autographs
  13. I stayed at the Sunborn London in an Executive Suite. I choose this hotel because it is right next to Excel and had an huge private sundeck! Breakfast was very good too.
  14. I spent 3 days visiting the event, staying at the Sunborn London in an Executive Suite. I choose this hotel because it is right next to Excel and had an huge private sundeck! Unfortunately my Anovos costume did not arrive on time so I went without one this year. Mostly negatives: Queue management was abysmal again, very difficult to get the priority queuing. I did not expect to have to wait in line at all. Parties where so-so again. Talk stages where cramped, hard to hear and uncomfortable seats. To give you a comparison (the same one i wrote about in 2012), Gadget Show Live in Excel had a much better stage and seating arrangement. A few people had to be kicked out of the VIP seats again too.
  15. GodAtum

    Floor Plan?

    very disappointed i wrote to the organisers for DSTL 2012 saying that they should use a separate hall for the stage as it was too cramped.