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  1. Chuck Yaegar Virginia Mckenna
  2. Only an idea but as Friday night here was the weekend in new Zealand, and Sunday night here is mid morning Monday there, then maybe things may become clear as Monday here progresses.
  3. I don't know if the email inbox is full or I don't know but twice my email got delivered back to me with a failure notice I see the problem, it is showmasters not showmaster, easy mistake to make done it myself, so crew @showmastersonline.com
  4. Roxy we remember the other .er thing this time we show him how it is all done properly
  5. above awesome for me can't express how over the moon I am with Karl forget the beans it is living on toast for a month
  6. Nice thought but I don't get Friday off They could always send a stunt double Rusty Goffe springs to mind
  7. yay lovely announcement to wake up to, great guest and a lovely guy
  8. yay lovely announcement to wake up to, great guest and a lovely guy
  9. Just be aware that the American guests cant carry much back, weight restrictions etc, so for transatlantic guests alcohol is maybe not the best idea, something small is probably more appreciated
  10. As I said, its no biggy, I bought my ticket for me, and rules are rules. I can see why having a guy with the vip pass bring his wife and two kids in would be annying when trying to relax, but if a vip holer wants to bring a friend/partner then maybe they should have a system whereby the vip holder can nomonate just one person who can access the lounge etc. I know I would pay a bit more for that. Then the benefits of this space where 20 people could relax for a while may well turn into a 40 person space,and if, as has happened Dad brings child who, as children are wont to do has a paddy, peace interrupted. Realistically I do not see a significant other/friend/relative being allowed entrance to the VIP area, but there is nothing to stop you putting your items in the VIP lounge ( details seem to indicate that there will be a crew member of in attendance at all times) and joining your girlfriend for a drink and food in the main arena, you never know it may well be lovely weather, as it was last October, and a coffee by the river could be rather romantic
  11. Brilliant, cant wait for this, I owe a lot to LOTR Brilliant, really looking forward to this, I owe a lot to LOTR
  12. Frank Borman Wendy Craig Dame Shirley Bassey Sir Stephen Redgrave any of our Olympic medallists as tis Olympic year Prof Brian Cox Dame Eilen Atkins
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