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  1. Hi It's free entry and free parking. Thanks Mark.
  2. Hi all, it's Mark Grantham from Boxingmania/Montage Moments Evander will sign any brand of glove/trunks on the day and will sign Tyson fight images (no bitten ear close ups please though!) We will have a merchandise stand over the weekend selling Everlast/Lonsdale gloves,photographs,photoshoot upgrade frames and framed storyboards etc.... but you are welcome to bring your own items We really want Evander to enjoy his experience with us and for him to take nice memories back home with him.....as Dave has mentioned this will be his only ever public signing event Look forward to seeing you all on the 21st Not long now! ;-) Cheers Mark.
  3. Hi, we will have our merchandise stand next to our sports guests and we will have a dual Peter Shilton and Gordon Banks 12x16 montage designed in time for the show along with montages for all our guests Look forward to seeing you at the show Thanks Mark Grantham
  4. Hi, the Wellingborough appearance will be for photoshoots and autographs with Roy, and with Joe being the following week at Collectormania those rare dual signed items will still be able to be completed Apologies you won't be able to get your dual photoshoot Hope to see you on the 18th Regards, Mark Grantham
  5. Hi The tickets will be sent out before the event. Thanks Mark G
  6. Yeah that's the one. Have a look at the website it has venue info that you may find helpful. http://boxingmania.co.uk/ Thanks Mark
  7. The website to our event Boxingmania is now online Follow this link to the website http://boxingmania.co.uk/ Thanks Mark G
  8. Hi all, I will be speaking to Paul Gascoigne's agent tomorrow regarding Paul's health and the best way forward with our Collectormania signing date with him As at tonight our booking has not been cancelled but feel at present Paul's health is the most important thing We wish Paul all the best over the coming months and as has been voiced we want Paul to be well again As soon as I have any updates I will let you all know Best regards Mark Grantham
  9. Hi all, regarding Gazza: posters and canvas will be classed as flat items and fall into the £35 autograph bracket Look forward to seeing you in the sports area Thanks Mark
  10. Hi all, flat items such as canvas and posters will be in the £35 autograph bracket Thanks Mark.
  11. Hi all, where the sports guests are concerned a book/programme will come under the same pricing as a photograph autograph ie Paul Gascoigne on book/programme will be £35 Thanks Mark
  12. Hi all, Paul Gascoigne's agent has given me a guarantee that Gazza will be signing shirts at our Collectormania event Hope this clears up any confusion Thanks, Mark Grantham
  13. Hi, that would also be me! Would anyone interested in our boxing merchandise and back catalogue signings please contact me on markyg@btconnect.com Cheers Mark.
  14. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for everybodys support and patience on saturday and apologies for anybody who couldn't stay to see Mike It was a roller coaster ride for me bringing all the sports guests and with Mike's late arrival but I hope everbody enjoyed their experiences once Mike did arrive He really enjoyed the day and meeting everybody and wanted me to pass that on Nigel and Frank both said this was their best show experience,so thank you that is down to you guys Roll on Collectormania 2013! Cheers Mark G
  15. Hi, we will be selling boxing merchandise next to the sports area(12x16 photographs,gloves,trunks,canvas etc) but I will speak to TT to see if we can sell gloves and trunks at the cash desk as well for Mike Tyson Thanks Mark G
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