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  1. hi all, A big thanks to everyone working photo shoot B over the weekend - thanks for all your help, as always it was great to work with you all - hope you all had a great weekend too. Thank you to everyone at showmasters/massive events for a fantastic year of events! Have a great christmas and new year too! Cheers! Danielle
  2. hey everyone, A big thank you from me to everyone to worked in photo area B (and A of course :-) ) over the weekend - you were all fab! Special thanks to SJ for her photoshop wizardy and Michelle her speedy photo bike runs! And a huge thanks to everyone at showmasters towers for having me along for another fantastic weekend! See you all soon, Danielle
  3. hey everyone, Just a quick thank you from me to everyone who worked in photo shoot B (and A of course :-) ) over the weekend - you rock! Special thanks to SJ for her wizardy and Becky for her never ending photo runs! :-) And of course big thanks to each and everyone at showmasters for having me along and for a fantastic weekend! See you all soon, Danielle
  4. that is really sad. I'm quite shocked :-( RIP
  5. Thanks for the mention guys Danielle :-) best haircut ever
  6. you're welcome ah the infamous facebook. hmm. i don't have one, i like to think I'm the leader of the facebook rebellion (or perhaps just stuck in the dark ages), i've resisted so long (for various reasons) from people hassling me that now i don't have one out of principal yep, i'm weird. I'll have to learn who to stay away from the old fashioned way i guess
  7. Uber thanks from me to everyone who worked the photo sessions over the weekend, you were all fantastic! Thanks to Pitbosses Julie, Simone and Jola (get those migrane tablets in!) and to SJ for her amazing laptop skills! Slowly getting to know more names and faces, but I wont embarrass myself by trying to remember them all. .. so thanks to you all for your hard work! And of course, thanks to all at Showmasters Towers for another fab event, hurrah! See you all again soon, D (lovin' her 'i love ET' shoelaces )
  8. Kookie22


    Thanks to everyone who was working the photo sessions over the weekend! As always, thanks for everyones hard work, you were all fantastic. And of course, thanks to everyone involved in organising and working the event overall! Always great to meet a few more new faces and hope to see you all again soon! Cheers! Danielle
  9. Well according to sources it was suposed to consist of 25 issues, but they have now decided the series would be 40 issues ah...... thanks... money... ebs away...... must stop...
  10. Flying for the day just for Seth? can we have your job please heh
  11. ha its ok. I just ordered the omnibus and pre ordered the next one, but i think the good stuff is in issues afterwards. do we know how long this run of seaosn 8 is going to be? never ending?
  12. thanks for this........ altho add a spoiler warning as it gives stuff away about season 8 which i havnt got around to reading yet :-) thank you again!
  13. Kookie22

    Thank you!

    Thank you to absolutely EVERYONE for this weekend, for everyones help in the photo shoots, and just in general, from the big cheeses to the mini babybels.. I had a fantastic weekend, and could do with a day in bed, I can't imagine how knackered those of you who've done 3 events in a row are feeling! See you in MK! I'm off to inject myself with caffeine. uber thanks again, Danielle p.s. something to aspire to - Maybe one day a guest will do an impression of me in a talk :-) (but most probably not.... )
  14. I honestly dont know :) It's just been a dream of mine for a long, long time. I am fascinated by everything American and I've always hoped to live there. It's not likely to happen though - it costs a lot to emigrate The problem isn't that it costs a lot, the problem is that you have to have something to offer, and very few people do. You either need family there, or you need to have a job that's very rare. yeah, moving to the states is nigh on impossible unless you have family there, have skills that are highly in demand or you marry an American. I believe even then it's a complicated process. Other than, if you have money and can afford not to work, you can visit for 3 months at a time tourist visa, but immigration may start to view you suspiciously as this gets more often. These immigration problems have caused me major heartache over the past few years, and continue to drive many law abiding, innocent couples and families apart because of america's outdated and too grounded in religion policies. anyway, completely off topic. but just to add to that. The cost would be a small price to pay if you found a way to get in. rant over...
  15. Kookie22


    Many many thanks to everyone in the photoshoots over the weekend for all their help and making me feel welcome as always! Or in fact anyone I spoke/chatted with, or who helped us out in whatever way over the weekend. I am uber rubbish with names, (faces good, names not!) so here are those i remember - pitbosses Julie and Donna.... in fact i'm not even going to embarass myself by how few i have remembered.. so you are free to hit me next time you see me, then i wont forget again! however cannot forget our bicycle courier, through wind and rain - Emma! Thank you again, and see everyone at some point over the year! Adios Danielle back to reality at work for a few days
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