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  1. Also conventions quite often centre on one particular genre or franchise - Such as Eternal Twilight, Chevron (Stargate), The Hub (Torchwood) etc.
  2. Mike is my partner. I'll pass your comments onto him. he'll be thrilled. It WAS his first con and was nervous at first. He'll defo be back and is looking at Milton Keynes in November.
  3. I'm not sure entirely - but generally the photographers stick to the same area over the entire show. If so, then Photo Area A was Giles, B was Duncan and C was Chantelle and maybe the Prop shoot area was Gary?
  4. ExCel is a pain at the best of times considering they usually like to take down the DLR most weekends for engineering... i'm sure that would go down well.
  5. Hey, I was guy helping to run the auction yesterday. I believe the GoT canvas from Saturday went for around £365 in the end. Somewhat of a bidding war i was told.
  6. Whatever next? Lets all make people who sneeze, hiccup, burp or fart leave the line too?
  7. Hope everyone was happy with their over the desk photos I took for them with Joe Dempsie on Saturday. I do try to give you all a countdown before taking the picture and more often than not will always check it's okay before giving you the camera/phone back. Also I do apologise if you were unable to get a posed one with him, due to the fact we had over 600 VQ's given out for him, a decision had to be made to stop posed pictures and unfortunately for a few you, personalisations. Thankfully we managed to get through them all with 10 mins of the show left. Joe asked me to pass on that you're all a crazy bunch folks, and Saturday for him was just mental. He enjoyed every second and wouldn't hesitate coming back (work permitting) if invited. Andy (Joe's GA)
  8. Mine is only open until 1230 Mon - Fri too and 1200 on a Saturday
  9. Well both weekends are free if I've read the fixtures today correctly. MK Dons play 2nd November at home to Walsall, then no match until 16th Nov when they're away to Oldham.
  10. Are we talking show as in TV show, film, or 'show' as in a con?
  11. One for the collection me thinks. As terrible as the Red Dawn remake was.
  12. Awesome guest last time around. Very mental and busy all day.
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