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  1. There are no words to discribe my pleasure and excitment at this!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ok timeline question! In an older episode didn't we see Jacob talking to Richard and then Richard talking to MIB? So are we to believe that all happened in the middle of all this.............Jacob seemed so know it all with the bottle and stopper and evil etc and yet he still seemed innocent in this one when MIB died. My only other idea could be that smoky invades the body again. Snag on that theory is that if that happened then the body wouldn't be there for Jack to find. Other than things like that really annoying me I enjoyed this ep but did spend a bit of time wondering where it was going. Certainly didn't expect a whole ep of it... now I want to know more about Jacob's plan of the island and how it grew. Spinoff called JACOB anyone?
  3. My head hurts but the spliting of the timeline makes sense for it to be after The Incident so certain things happened and do link the original Dharma crew............now I'm sure people who are more deeply into this than me can help me out with a couple of things: - Remind me how everyone on the island ended up back in the same time (and it is present right?) - The people who flashed back in time, LeFleur, etc - would they still be included in the island history. So young Ben still get's shot.....well was Sawyer there as LeFleur or did they never flash back because they never went there in the first place. .....if that makes any sense??
  4. I am just getting more and more "huh" with each episode even though I'm loving the connections and dual reality stuff. The fact that they are back on the beach is pretty cool and that once again it looks like two camps......
  5. Evil Claire really annoyed me. If she was that darn worried why didn't she go back to the beach when she got free or at least try and find someone? Or why did it never occur to her that maybe her "friends" still had Aaron? And why is it bad that Kate has him...isn't that better than The Others? Oh whatever...I just wanted to slap her! lol Oh and a thought but when blokey said "the same thing that happened to your sister" could he have meant Claire? Wasn't there some relationship there...........
  6. oooo TTs eyes probably just lit up at the thought!!! Oh and very jealous of the horses. I miss riding.....lots!!!!!!
  7. well I'm English and I only understood 50% of the talks too!!!! That was more due to mumbling and weird use of microphones though! ETA: With regards seating in the talks a group of us were thinking that colour coded passes might help with controlling it - Gold passes being gold, silver being silver, etc It would make it easier for crew to spot the "sneaking" people. I also agree that it would be good to have a silver area. PS: whoever mentioned stickers on chairs, shame on you lmao..........unless you'd like to help stick them on and then make sure the chairs are put out in the right order each time! =D
  8. He was amazing and lovely and a great laugh!!!!!
  9. Guest or agent/entourage.............. we all say it is down to the guest but I think in fact it's fairer to say it's down to either themselves and/or their management. Many times guests just do what they're told!!!!!
  10. In the latest ep I found a lot of T-Bagisms happening and I love the fact that once again he has the "am I good or am I bad or am I both" thing going on!
  11. I'm not sure what I thought of this one either. As an episode I liked it...Sam and Dean back to how they used to be (sort of), the figurine Cas was perfect. I think I possibly just lost the plot somewhere and couldn't figure out where the storyline was leading (not to mention how it would all work physically). I guess it just mirrored the yellow-eyed demon's plot to create an army by "infecting" babies with his blood...........
  12. The Compass storyline is good and I'm interested in where it's going to go. Possibly because it seems like the only real plot other than Matt/Nathan/Sylar, which is amazing. Gretchen had better be up to something and it better happen soon because she is just really annoying and I really wanted Claire to bitch-slap her something bad. The Hiro/Ando thing just kind of bored me and I really think that lots would have changed if Ando and whatsherface had been together for years. I can't actually remember much else that happened so I guess that says it all really! lol
  13. So I sort of liked this episode but it also annoyed me a little. It seems that they use the fast forward too much to solve problems that come up. Having said that hippy Cas was great, double Dean was just cool but white-suited Lucifer Sam was the best (hottest) thing ever!!!!
  14. WOW - Cas is just amazing and I love him and Dean together. So many great bits in this that I now can't remember them all. Ninja turtle angels Cas Sam the uber dart player Cas Bobby sarcasm about the best hunter in the area Cas Sam not swallowing you get the picture............ I really enjoyed it!!!!
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