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  1. Peter Purves’ talk and photo shoots at same time on Sunday?
  2. That was the same venue but in a different hall - the Olympia 2 hall. LFCC 2012 will be in the Grand Hall. For a general layout of the Olympia venue, have a look at the black & white map at the very bottom here Olympia Grand Hall is facing you as you come out of the Olympia tube station, tubes to Earls Court are about every 20 minutes
  3. Designated Driver

    Big Thanks

    No, thank you M4 101215
  4. And you're now an expert at dismantling bunk beds
  5. I just wanted to add to the list of people saying an absolutely humungous thanks to all the crew that had the misfortune to work with me, all my fellow Pit Bosses and Too Tall and Mara for somehow always managing to be available when required (I'm sure they must have cloned themselves over the weekend to be there whenever I wanted to speak to them) To see the crew working so well under so much pressure was wonderful, I can honestly say that in the 7 or 8 years I've been working these events I have never seen such grace under pressure. Like the others, I'm not going to name any names because you all deserve the thanks. See you at EMS Idris
  6. To all the crew I worked with over the weekend on Photoshoot A on Saturday and in the middle "pit" on Sunday, massive, massive thanks for making them pretty trouble free, you are all stars. Thanks to MAry my fellow PB on Sunday, always a pleasure working with you! Also have to give a spweshal mention to Vix in the new role of Photo Coordinator, really made my life easier knowing I only had one point of contact for any organising of photo pickups and also to Kevin who had the job on Sunday. Great to see the huge number of friends I have made since I started crewing back at C4 and really good to meet some more new crew, welcome to the event version of Hotel California....you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave....mwahahahaa...... Welcome to the madness, it only gets more fun from here on in.. Have a great Christmas/Chanukah/Winter gifting period See you next year Idris
  7. Stuart, No amount of thanks will ever be enough for the huge amount of work you put in between the events let alone what you have to cope with during them. I'm glad we didn't get to see the rampage though! But even though no amount of thanks will be enough here's some more HUUUGE thanks to add to the well deserved pile. Here's to next year, see you in March...(or thereabouts) Idris
  8. Jess you are very welcome, it certainly didn't seem like your first time being a PB
  9. Like everyone else, I wanted to add my thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the weekend so enjoyable. I did ask myself why I was doing a four day event and setup and breakdown but the simple answer to that question is....you lot. It's such a pleasure to work with you all (and of course spending time with you when we're not working) Hopefully you're all a little warmer and less tired by now See some of you very soon Idris
  10. Let's not forget that the early eighties saw the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal for those not as old as me!). Play some Maiden and that'll be Paul Jones happy! Can I play with madness??
  11. I'm catching the train there from Carmarthen..(I'm crewing though :-))
  12. I hear there may be some golfers there some time next year... I too would like an event in South Wales some day.....there's a Hilton in Cardiff too Idris
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