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  1. Thank you! I wasn't sure how it worked and was afraid I couldn't stand with my mum in the queues!
  2. I'm 20 haha but I've literally been in love with Steven since the first season of The Walking Dead, he's literally the only reason I am travelling down to go! I was just wondering as my mum isnt as big as big a fan of him as I am of course but when we went to another convention we don't have any problems queing together but just getting one autograph between us so I just wanted to double check that this may possibly be the case here. Thank you for you comments they have helped.
  3. I've never been to LFCC before but at conventions I've been to before I've been able to pay for one autograph but both me & whoever I am with can meet the guest at the same time but only get one autograph. Is this something that is allowed? For example I am a Hyde fan of Steven Yeun & I am most likely going to cry, I'm going with my mum but she doesn't want an autograph but I want her to come up to meet him with me so she can talk while I cry? Thanks
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