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  1. It's long overdue. Showmasters, you need to get all of these :D
  2. Not at all. I AM convinced why people often get more then one autograph. But it is very apparent that there is a selfish air in these forums as people would rather they have more autographs at the expense of some people missing out. I guess you miss the point. I'm not saying its silly to have more then one autograph. I'm saying that limit it to one when the VQ system is on and then have as many as you want in open queue. Although I do bow down to the notion that it may be quicker to have five autographs then 5 people having 1. To be honest it takes 1 person, 1 minute for an autograph and chat anyway that's still only 60 people an hour so who knows.
  3. Not trying to provoke, sorry if I come across that way, I just see an autograph represents that actor and his work not as a separate entity from this.
  4. The actor is not the character. That's entering crazy stalker territory
  5. In many cases those whom we meet have been in different franchises and would like them to be on different items in some cases we very much appreciate the actor/director etc either for their work or their films. Take Sylvester Stallone for example, say you were a fan of Demolition Man, Stop or My Mom will shoot, Cliffhanger. Tango and Cash etc were all youir fave movies you'd like to get them all signed wouldn't you? Its exactly the same - getting what your fav actor has starred in signed. No, I would just want an autograph. That would encompass all his work. I admire the actor for the parts they play. I'm not there for the character. If that makes sense.
  6. But it still the same autograph on all those things. Your not meeting the character your meeting the actor so having duplicates on different merchandise is beyond me. The reason it becomes other people's business is because the time it takes for those extra autographs on busy guests deprives someone else getting one.
  7. Oh and don't get me started on peeps claiming to be Press who start a 10 min impromptu interview. What's that all about???
  8. I guess. Just read another thread about what peeps do with their autographs. A lot keep in protective covers in binders. Just dont get having 8 autos of the same person in different photos sitting on a shelf withe same auto on each. As I said , it must be me ....lol
  9. Guessing you all swayed me to your way of thinking. If I have things on display I'd love them signed which is why I can see your point. If not though I just don't get it. Oh well. You live and learn.
  10. But why? What's the point of having the same sig on multiple things??
  11. Not at all. If a guest is oversubscribed it won't make a difference as more people would get through. If not it would be open queue so it wouldn't matter how many things you get signed. Would certainly increase volumes of people getting autographs thus increasing satisfaction from attendees.
  12. I guess I'm just too old to understand. Years ago I could wait for Tom Cruise outside a premier and get his autograph. I wouldn't even consider going back with something else for him to sign. I have his autograph. That's surely the point. I see where your coming from with the group signed posters but surely its easy to pick one item you want signed as a priority over other things. Im not trying to be flippant or anything I just really don't get it. As I said. It must be my age
  13. I don't get it. Why have more then one autograph. For what reason?
  14. Exactly, although it wont stop people getting 20 VQ tickets. I'd love a system where you could scan your entry and it will give you a VQ ticket. It wont issue another for that guest. That would be so cool. Also, I know it means a lot for the people who can't make it but its a big screw you for the ones who did and can't get an autograph.
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