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  1. Kirbinator

    Guest Cancellation - Dave Prowse

    Thanks for the update Jason. Its a pity to hear Dave is no longer able to attend the Exeter convention and we all understand Dave's health has been deteriorating over the last few years which has led him to cancel all overseas public appearances and now, inevitably as of January 2018, no more UK appearances either. I remember attending my first Showmasters event held in Milton Keynes in 2002 and Dave was one of the first guests I met and purchased an autograph from. I was in awe of the man who brought (physically) one of the best villains to ever grace the movie screens. My childhood dream was now a reality and for this moment I was truly grateful. I have been fortunate to meet Dave on a number of occasions since and it's always been a pleasure. Thanks to Showmasters for making this possible and I'm sure everyone like me wishes Dave the very best.
  2. Great, nice to see new Star Wars guests announced for Cardiff.
  3. Great, nice to see new Star Wars guests announced for Cardiff.
  4. Kirbinator

    Latest Guest Announcement - TERENCE STAMP

    As I can't make the show this year, I'm seriously considering a pre-order auto for Stamp.
  5. Kirbinator

    Latest Guest Announcement - DICKEY BEER

    Gutted I can't make the show this year to meet Dickey Beer, I'll be placing a pre-order auto for sure.
  6. Kirbinator

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    A great guest announcement by SM, I'm going to place a pre-order for sure as I cannot make the show.
  7. Kirbinator

    Send-in Question

    Showmasters pre-order service is excellent and has been running for a few years now. Jason works very hard to get everyone's order completed during the course of the show and items are dispatched the following days after. 10x8's are posted in flat pack mailers, so have confidence in your order I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  8. Always great to meet Jeremy at SM events, he's a great guest and always makes the effort to spend time with his fans.....I'll be after a few autos for sure.
  9. Met Zarene at Cardiff and she was pleasant and happy to pose for a table photo, excellent guest.
  10. Always a pleasure to meet Dave at Cardiff Comic Con, his queue/line appeared consistent while i was at the show. He was quite chatty and allowed me to take a photo while he was signing, however had a sign up for no posed photos. Its a shame as he's getting older he is scaling in his show appearances so getting him at Cardiff was fortunate. He will be missed if the rumours are true.
  11. Very nice guest to meet at Cardiff Comic Con, he was friendly and chatty and posed for photos too.
  12. It was a pleasure meeting Jimmy Vee at Cardiff Comic Con especially as he has now started to sign for R2-D2.
  13. Met Alistair on Sunday and I must say what a pleasant guy he is. He was very friendly, chatty and humble too, he took time to speak with people and was happy to pose for table photos which is a real bonus these days, a great guest.
  14. Kirbinator

    Guest Suggestions

    I'm a big Naughty Dog fan and would love to meet anyone from the Uncharted or Last Of Us game series..... Nolan North Troy Baker Richard McGonagle Emily Rose Graham McTavish Claudia Black Ashley Johnson Some Star Wars guests too.....please: Anthony Forrest Trevor Butterfield Michael Culver John Fenton Brian Muir Cathy Munroe Chris Parsons Ian Whyte Mike Edmunds Sam Witwer Nathalie Cox Anthony Daniels (Long shot) Warwick Davis